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Pledge Under the McManus Flag: New Cross Country Love for Sean Connery’s Coach

Rising cross country star after his impressive series at Compiègne, including the Grand Cross at just 5 years old, Prengarde was bought by John Patrick McManus from Patrick Joubert and Paul Couderc. Suddenly one of Cheltenham’s cross country favorites after the announcement of his purchase, he will be entrusted to Enda Bolger, the famous Irish specialist in the discipline who trained the legendary Risk Of Thunder for Scottish actor Sean Connery.

Pledge Under the McManus Flag: New Cross Country Love for Sean Connery’s Coach

The new star of Cross Prengarde under the banner of McManus … in the former coach of Sean Connery! (approx)

Foal unearthed on Chaser Day in Paray Le Monial by friends patricio joubert Y Paul Couderc, who are associated with their breeders barsi boy (Haras del Puy), Garment he had been crowned supreme champion that day. Born “classic” for the obstacle since son of Kapgarde and the winner of Bournosienne (Gr.3) nicolineThis immense colt took a long time to find his rhythm before revealing himself at the young age of 5 years in the discipline of the cross. fine tunning, Guillermo Macairenow supported by Hector de Lagenestedeveloped it very early on on gravel, where he showed exceptional potential, concluding his season with a resounding victory at the Grand Cross de Compiègne (listed).

But the “problem” with Prengarde, so to speak, is that he has a very particular profile, a perfect long-distance jumper but with the need for a lot of canter to extend his action. In short, very few French courses would have pleased him, and he was not on the agenda to return to an obstacle course. A racecourse, however, would seem perfectly designed for Prengarde … Cheltenham! This seems to chart his future, since the horse was bought by John Patrick McManuswho, although he wins everything in England and Ireland, is a great lover of Anglo-Saxon cross-country and has great victories in this discipline. Neither one nor two, the horse was pointed out for this cross country directly, as a Easysland there is little. In announcing his export, the bookmakers made him a direct favorite at Glenfarclas Chase 2022, the Cheltenham Grand Cross, at a ridiculous 4/1 odds! Almost unheard of …

John Patrick McManus (left), Prengarde’s new owner who will be trained by Enda Bolger (right) (photo Alain Barr)

And since he’s just turned 6, Prengarde is a very young messenger to our Anglo-Irish friends, and he’s not even sure if he’s going to Cheltenham this year. The decision will, of course, be for his new owner, but also and above all for his new Irish coach, Enda Bolger. It is therefore in the south of Ireland towards Limerick, in Howardstown, where Prengarde will repeat ranges with what is considered and rightly also as the best cross trainer on the other side of the Channel. He also has a long-standing relationship with John Patrick McManus, and he pre-trains many of his young recruits, in addition to being publicly licensed for some items.

Enda Bolger, a pure Irishman, is indeed a great horseman and rider, who broke the record for point-to-point victories at that time with 413 victories and 7 league titles. He has done a horse training specialty at La Cruz, which remains his favorite discipline despite great successes in steeplechase and steeplechase. A great friend of John Patrick McManus, the latter was his greatest support, and allowed him to win for the first time at the Cheltenham Festival in 1996 at the Foxhunters Chase, where Enda Bolger himself was riding his boarder. Mr elegant ! And the same year in Punchestown, John Patrick McManus specially invited the famous Scottish actor Sean Connerywhom he had met playing golf in the Bahamas. The “James Bond” of an era that day gave rise to a famous photo where he brings Enda Bolger hand in hand with Elegant Lord in the winners round …

Sean Connery in 1996 in Punchestown at the helm of Elegant Lord, ridden by Enda Bolger

That same year, Sean Connery and John McManus fell under the spell of risk of thunder, who won the “La Touche Chase” for the second time, Punchestown Grand Cross. Purchased at great cost in association with John Magnier and Dermot DesmondRisk Of Thunder will bring great moments to its “billionaire club” with a legendary septuple in “La Touche Chase”, including 5 for Enda Bolger after his purchase. The coach is also the record holder for career wins with 14 titles. Risk Of Thunder, who retired not far from Limerick at Martinstown Stud, John Patrick McManus’s stud, along with the legendary IstabraqAfter his purchase, he wore the jacket of the “same” Sean Connery, dark blue with a white cross, in the colors of his beloved Scotland!

Risk Of Thunder in the colors of Sean Connery and the saddle of Enda Bolger during one of his 7 victories in “La Touche Chase”

Prengarde is therefore on the trail of some Cross legends in Enda Bolger! The coach is also the holder of the most victories at the Cheltenham Grand Cross with 5 successes, including the inaugural edition in 2005 with Find the difference stop … JP McManus! The race was created when the festival was extended to 4 days, and Enda Bolger also won it twice with the famous Country Guard. This Anglo had been sold for a record sum of almost € 600,000 to McManus after winning the Gr. 2 for Pablo Nichollswho had unearthed it in Guillaume Macaire … The story overlaps! Garde Champêtre won the Cheltenham Grand Cross in 2008 and 2009 under the saddle of nina carberry. In 2009, the McManus jacket even formed the event’s winning trio with Friend Y Drombeag… all trained by Enda Bolger. John Patrick McManus, who last won it in 2020 with Easysland, aims to regain the title from him at Glenfarclas Chase with Prengarde. One of the greatest owners of jumpers is a cross country fan, and has entrusted his recruit to the crack of the discipline … It must go well!

After great feats on the French Cross, Prengarde changes his horizon and is perhaps on the cusp of a great epic … (aprh)

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