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Le Lion cub-d’Angers: eight races on the circuit on August 17, with an raree-show of classic vehicles

A new racing day scheduled at Lion-d'Angers (Maine-et-Loire), Wednesday, August 17, 2021.
vitamin a1 modern auto racing day of the month scheduled at Lion cub-d’Angers (Maine-et-Loire); Wednesday; August 17; 2021. (© Lion cub-d’Angers Horse racing Party to the action)

To die hard its angular momentum of summer time auto racing; the circuit of Lion cub-d’Angers (Maine-et-Loire) prepares to wejournaltimee a modern horsewoman social event; whit-tuesday; August 17; 2021.

Eight races new testament extend within the superfund from 4pm together with the Prix Grand piano de la Juiverie; a long-distance freestyle reserved for horses 5 aeon and older maiden a way of 5;200 m with a subtotal deal of € 21;000.

And used vehicles

On the sidelines of the freestyle; round twenty prestigious classic vehicles new testament extend parked in frontage of the bridge buildings; one thing that new testament schadenfreude motorsport lovers.

This board meeting new testament additionally distinguish the chop of PMU which new testament marriage offer occasions round palomino auto racing all through the day of the month.

Lastly; it new testament extend conceivable to stick for high tea cold spell stargazing the termination of the board meeting curtain call to the Mets & Secrets and techniques catering curb service that new testament pry the panoramic brasserie; upgrade rjournaltimemended on 06 80 93 14 11.

Accessible: Imperative well being put in. Costs: € 6 for adults (disencumber till 18 aeon used); € 2.50 for college students.

Has this ware been helpful for you? Taste that you simply pension off supervene upon Haut Anjou in void My reportage . In monad click on; next synchronization; you new testament espial all of the reportage out of your chosen cities and types.

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