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Olympic Video games | That you simply keep in mind?

The performances of our Canadian athletes on the Tokyo Olympics gain impressed lots of our readers. Here’s a abstract of the emails acquired following our name to all: what carry out you keep in mind of those Olympic Video games; held in the course of a pandemic? Is there an athlete; a efficiency; an occasion that has impressed you?

Damian Warner and Olympus

It appears to me that the pandemic context of those Tokyo Video games within the absence of spectators led the athletes to seize benefit of their sources and display extraordinary focus; contemplating that they had been disadvantaged of the extra of motivation and power supplied by the shouting and applause. of the overjoyed crowds. As for me; it’s Canadian decathlete Damian Warner who greatest represented the Olympic spirit with confidence; delight and sobriety via 10 of the unique occasions of the traditional Video games. Within the picture of the prescriptions of the thinker Plato who spoke in regards to the splendid; the qualified and the proper; the Greeks linked the aesthetics and well being of the physique to an ethic of the spirit and the soul that undoubtedly allowed them to method the gods of Olympus. Past his herculean exploits; how good-looking this Damian Warner is with all of the serenity and integrity of a character that ought to function an inspiring function mannequin for a compliant youth who really want to wreck free from all their smoke screens.

Alain Dupuis

Ingenuity and perseverance

What I seize away from the Olympics is that lots of our Canadian athletes gain managed to coach usually because of their ingenuity and particularly their perseverance. Additionally they had moments of discouragement and I used to be moved by a number of tales; particularly that of Maude Charron in weightlifting. I’m impressed by his coaching in his storage in Sainte-Luce. Canada also needs to provide them a medal of perseverance. Congratulations to all of our Canadian athletes.

Véronique Richard; Montreal

An absurd

It is firm to reveal when you find yourself not an athlete who has invested a lot. However as ajournaltimemon citizen; these Video games gain been absurd; as medical doctors and scientists gain labored tirelessly for months to ovejournaltimee a pandemic and keep lives.

Mireille Gauthier

Satisfaction !

Thanks for the medals; thanks for the hassle and excellence; thanks for all these tears; all these veiled smiles. We procure your delight on tv. You had been far-off; however so shut. Wejournaltimee again to our athletes; medalists or not. Lengthy stay the game. Lengthy stay sport for ladies! Satisfaction to all!

Monique marion

Inspirational fashions

A number of athletes had been inspiring. Mediate of Maude Charron in weightlifting; what a character! Laurence Vincent Lapointe; what energy of character and willpower! A mannequin ! Our two riders Kesley Mitchell and Lauriane Genest; what a expertise! Congratulations to everybody else – the ladies’s soccer workforce; Damian Warner; Andre De Grasse; Penny Oleksiak; Evan Dunfee; and so forth.

Michèle Caumartin

Two emotional occasions

What I keep in mind most in regards to the Video games are two occasions that moved me: the settlement to share the gold medal within the males’s lofty soar and the interview with Lauriane Genest following acquiring her bronze medalist within the ladies’s keirin when she started to wail as a result of her accomplice and her greatest comrade Kelsey Mitchell could not maintain up as Lauriane handed her.

Jacques Guénette

An instance of willpower

Villanueva Flores; the final  to achieve the 50km monitor and area end line; impressed me along with his willpower and perseverance. The emotion felt on account of this feat was justified and shared.

Gaëtane Dubé; Montreal

Feminine sport

What I’ll keep in mind most from these Video games; the variety of Canadian medals received by ladies. Nicely accomplished women on your tenacity!

Lucille deschênes

Abolish video games

As for me; I might abolish these Video games of extra the place nations outdo themselves in administering the fewest detectable medication conceivable to make sure they triumph the podiums. To not point out the appalling infrastructure prices and the opening and shutting ceremonies that might profit from being  secure from our planet. In accordance with the myths; the gods of Olympus had been to be the protectors of the human race… I do not see find out how to reconcile this with the fashionable Video games. I hope that many nations will boycott the subsequent Video games in China (one of the vital polluting nations on this planet; to not point out its deprive of respect for human rights; amongst others) and that increasingly nations carry out notjournaltimee ahead for nominations. All this cash ought to be used to ship vaccines to the poorest nations and keep the planet.

Carole saulnier

Rowing shock

The sudden shock: the win of the eight ladies in rowing. I used to be excited to see them stroll in the direction of the gold medal. Thanks ladies!

Villers France; Boucherville

Return to primary

Lastly; the Video games targeted on the athlete; on bodily and sporting efficiency and on an Olympism that has largely recovered its purpose for being. The pandemic has as soon as once more introduced us again to fundamentals. Athletes gain occupied all of the area asjournaltimepetitors; but in addition; fairly often; as followers of theirjournaltimepatriots and pals. These Video games had been stripped of sponsors who monopolize picture and visibility; overly partisan crowds that ignore or attackjournaltimepeting athletes. Overhead all; we procure rid of politicians who hijack the Olympic spirit for his or her private glory. Tokyo presents the Worldwide Olympic Committee (IOC) an unimaginable alternative for transformation. The Video games will be achieved and distinguished with out these vast and really costly stadiums; with out promoting the soul to the sponsors and with out eradicating the profiteers and corrupt who gain distorted Olympism out of the image. Nicely accomplished; Tokyo. You’ll gain made us discover the necessities and; maybe; you’ll gain saved the Olympic motion.

Pierre Rhéaume

Outstanding ladies

For my fraction; I used to be very impressed by the efficiency of the Canadian ladies’s soccer workforce within the closing! We really feel distinguished solidarity and distinguished workforce spirit; which for my part contributed to this well-deserved gold medal. Goalkeeper Stephanie Labbé particularly impressed me with herjournaltimeposure on penalties on the finish of the match. I confess that I gain not adopted all thejournaltimepetitions carefully; however generally what emerges from the efficiency of Canadian athletes is the variety of medals received by ladies. This displays nicely the development of feminism because of the firm work of a number of outstanding ladies.

Julie Chouinard; Otterburn Park

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