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Probation Crack Guide #238: A Fragile Blessed Crusader of the Hammer – Diablo III

Here is our guide dedicated to Diablo 3 Test Rift 238. Blizzard puts us here in control of a Crusader equipped with the Pursuit of Light set and who will primarily take its damage from Blessed Hammer. The choice of other abilities is a bit strange and you will have to walk on egg shells and target your movements well, otherwise you will die very quickly.

This Crusader is particularly fragile and many monsters can kill you in one hit. However, the glitch is quite doable and I even validated it on the first try without taking any towers. This is also my standard procedure for giving you screenshots with the pylons not activated, and I’ll be back after a second time for a real run. Except here, I got to the end right away.

The procedure to follow is quite simple:

  1. Constantly advance. Your initial goal is to attack the elites, not mess around with the crap.
  2. Almost always have one or two blessed hammers around you to kill as many monsters as possible during your step.
    • Beware, this consumes Rage and you do not have many ways to recover your resources. Therefore, you must, throughout the rift, keep an eye on your rage gauge. Raise it regularly by striking with cauterization.
  3. When you see an elite, engage them with Cleaver and also cast Judgment, Blame, and Law of Valor. Guilt isn’t very effective, but hey, you might as well cast it at the same time.

When you get to an elite, move constantly to reduce the chances of taking a fatal hit or getting caught in chains of fire and company. The first level is the most annoying because the corridors are narrow and enemies can block you. Therefore, we must get out of it as soon as possible.

The next two levels are similar and much easier to manage. Take the pylons quickly. The protection pylon will be of great help to you and will allow you to breathe a little. Channeling will allow you to cast your spells much more often without running out of Rage.

You will probably reach 100% towards the end of level 3 and discover the Guardian, Perëndi. To kill him, spin around to avoid his big hits and AoE, and pray your Blessed Hammers take him out quickly. Good luck 😉 Breaking News 24/7 Copr.