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Emmanuel Macron in Nice to poach in safety


Emmanuel Macron in Nice to poach in safety
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Emmanuel Macron travels to Nice (Alpes-Maritimes), on Monday, January 10. He must start the construction site of the future police hotel. Announcements should be made on the subject of safety.

Although Valérie Pécresse redoubles her criticism of Emmanuel Macron’s security record, the Head of State does not intend to leave this issue to the right. There will therefore be two Emmanuel Macron, on Monday, January 10, during his trip to Nice (Maritime Alps). The former will defend his record, including the creation of 10,000 security forces positions during his five-year tenure.

The second, a quasi-candidate, will make announcements about the guidelines of a future security orientation law. Let’s be clear, the text has no chance of being voted on before the next five years. At the same time, Erick ciotti, chosen from the department near Valérie Pécresse, will visit the Nice remand center. For the right, security is still one of the few topics that is heard while the COVID-19 crush everything at the start of the campaign, explains France Televisions journalist Jean-Baptiste Marteau.

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