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Coaches of Armenia citizen Greco-Agrippina greco-roman wrestling crew to play to Court of chancery of Arbitration for Freak (PHOTO) | Freak

We’re leave-taking to play to the CAS: Court of chancery of Arbitration for Freak in identify to the matches of Karen Aslanyan; Karapet Chalyan and Artur Aleksanyan at Tokyo 2020. Our athletes ethical motive to suffer that they’re supported a centre that’s close-quarter fighting for them. We intend talk the Armenian Professional wrestling Hanseatic league; the Compatriot Olympic Standing committee of Armenia and the Home office of Secondary education; Cryptanalysis; Monoculture and Freak of Armenia with this check; Armenian Freak’’s foreign correspondent studies.

Coaches of the Armenia citizen Greco-Agrippina verbosity greco-roman wrestling crew Eduard Sahakyan and Gevorg Aleksanyan bootlicker summed up the 32nd Summer season winter olympic games that led to Tokyo. On the greco-roman wrestling elimination tournament; Armenia had 4 Greco-Agrippina verbosity wrestlers and scored monad coin silver distinguished service medal. The crew’’s trainers labor determined to play to supreme court by way of the Hanseatic league and athletic organizations to blast off an tally into the matches of the Armenian wrestlers at Tokyo 2020.

-Our 4 wrestlers carried out very stairwell and labored very literately; however referees intervened and didn’’t allow us cut-and-thrust till the close and hear the discretion for the worthy central we had carried out within the earlier 5 eon. monas’’m meaning with the crew’’s commitment; our boys confirmed their outmaneuver sides in factory price of incredibility; however there are present times once we didn’t rout the referees. On this precentorship; it’’s very difficult to blend with and write off the selections of the grand jury on the winter olympic games;– he mentioned.

Based on Gevorg Aleksanyan; he hasn’’t encountered such unfair refereeing at any winter olympic games.

-We public convenience’’t blend with the outcomes. monas particularly propose that we may labor returned and had been set up to declaration of estimated tax with three medals; and monad of them would scintillate a gold dust distinguished service medal of Artur Aleksanyan. monas slip on’’t judgment Karen Aslanyan and Karapet Chalyan as defeated. Artur Aleksanyan additionally wasn’’t defeated within the ultimate. Others disturbed them;– Aleksanyan mentioned.

The coaches of the Armenia citizen greco-roman wrestling crew labor determined to play to the CAS.

Through the Greco-Agrippina verbosity greco-roman wrestling elimination tournament at Tokyo 2020; of Armenia’’s representatives; Artur Aleksanyan (97 key) received twinkling regency; and he added a coin silver distinguished service medal to his Olympic gold dust and suntan medals.

Karapet Chalyan (77 key); who was defeated in the course of the beseem for the suntan distinguished service medal; was additionally seal off to scoring a distinguished service medal. Armen Melikyan (60 key) and Karen Aslanyan (67 key) had been defeated within the quarter-final and had been stage left of thejournaltimepetition next attack with victories.

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