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WEIRD. Siberian Born Siberian Former Wrestler and Sled Jumper … The Amazing Life of Kirill Gotovtsev!

What other country that Russia and its eastern Siberian part, could offer us a profile as atypical as that of Kirill Gotovtsev ? It is in the middle of Siberia, in the village of Bogouchany, that the current right pillar of Gloucester was born in 1987. He grew up during the fall of the USSR, which led to a strong period of economic explosion that strongly impacted the country and made life difficult for him. In the columns of the Daily Mail, it perpetuates certain stereotypes one has of this region: “Life was hard, there was no running water, alcoholism was in full swing, and jobs were running out. “.”He lived in a town 600 km from Krasnoyarsk. It was a very special town. People went to the forest to gather nuts and berries, and they did not return! It was infected with wolves, bears, dangerous animals. The lucky ones found their way back after a few days! “. Sacred atmosphere.

High level fighter then bobsledder

Raised roughly, forced to melt snow for water in winter, surrounded by friends whose parents were alcoholics, Kirill hardened into this life. His mother only received a salary twice a year. Just enough to survive. However, his dream was to become a professional wrestler. So much so that he did not hesitate to walk the 3 km of walk that separated his house from the training gym under -58 degrees Celsius! At 15, he participated in a regional championship that he won, and a coach noticed him and took him under his wing. He would finish as a bronze medalist in the Russian Wrestling Championship, but that was not enough to represent Russia in the Olympics (only the former competed). It was then that the Bobsleigh held out his arms.

Three months after his debut, he participated in the European Championship. Warned the same day of departure by his coach, he left his car in a disaster at the airport that a few months later he found full of snow, without battery and with a large parking bill. Despite everything, he did not participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics and still had to renew himself. Then came rugby …

From Krasny to Gloucester

In 2014 he met Krasny Yar’s coach, Igor Nikolaïtchouk, who offered him to play in the reserve team. First a right pillar, he was moved to the third row, where he put his wrestling skills to work in the stages of entry. Summoned very quickly for the Russian national team, he returned to the front row in 2018 and won in the national team having technically progressed in the scrum. It was thanks to wrestling that he was able to improve his technique. “The fight helped me because it is a feeling. It is like water, it is flexible, fast. Scrums are technical and require control, like wrestling. You have to understand the best angles to have. It’s not like the third line where you just board like a dog. “. Present in the world Cup 2019 to Japan, was noticed by the Gloucester club that hired him in 2021.

A big Eurasian tournament in anticipation of Russia and Asia?

A big Eurasian tournament in anticipation of Russia and Asia?

For me, sport is not just a job. It’s half my life. The other half is the family. Politics, economics, taxes, etc., that does not matter. Kirill Gotovtsev will try to qualify Russia for the 2023 World Cup in France. Meanwhile, it shines on the grounds of Premiership. Unlikely when you know where it comes from. Breaking News 24/7 Copr.