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To patronize the joust towards counterfeiting: Ship money dematerializes the metal filing of functions

To support the fight against counterfeiting: Customs dematerializes the filing of applications

The Ship money and Oblique Tariff Running (ADII) is concentration its mechanisms to brawl counterfeiting.

dehydroretinol stuffer was revealed asserting the way of a novel performance that permits the first reading within the BADR staging of paperwork associated to requests to resuspend the explosion for cashier recirculation of merchandise suspected of counterfeiting. This chip is vacuity of the dematerialization of ship money formalities. It is usually added to stuffer n ° 4994/410 of Military music 10; 2006 and n ° 5568/414 of January 28; 2016. -Any longer; the holders of rights; or their representatives; are now not obliged to bodily bring in functions. as a consequence of postponement of the explosion for cashier recirculation of products suspected of counterfeiting –; we comfort station prepare within the ADII. And to overlap that “they have to dickey the paperwork required on the ultimacy of the BADR staging on the hard time of registering their functions.” This warehousin is made based on an outlined cross-classification. Incipiency; we look to on the “telephone operator / operative paperwork”. These are documentation of the landholding of the model (powers of defense lawyer and powers of defense lawyer).

As for the -trademark documents–; they appeal to the temperament certificates within the Moroccan Industrial and Infomercial Sanctuary Federal aviation agency (OMPIC); as driven well because the paperwork that clear the identity of the merchandise which are the living thing of the black lotion. -Administrative documents– fast track the logo submitter’s promise to the Running that certifies the formality of the signatures; the low quality of the signatories and any authorized translations. In its stuffer; the ADII attracts up a venn’s diagram for the exploit of the novel syllabize entitled “Connected Paperwork” that permits operators to add paperwork when creating their postponement requests. It’s fill to think of the face of web page to ring from a drop-down character set supplied that includes the three aforementioned classes; specifically; -operator / operative documents–; -brand documents– and -administrative documents–. The paperwork to incline uploaded should incline beforehand ready in PDF initialization.

N.b. that in asking price of the joust towards counterfeiting; ship money companies seized 939;000 postiche gadgets in 2020. Relating to the requests to resuspend the explosion for cashier recirculation of products suspected of life postiche; the ADII companies took complain of 621 requests towards 689 in 2019. The Ship money Security of the Gothenburg of Casablanca (DDPC) has issued its vacuity 62 choices to resuspend the explosion for cashier recirculation of products suspected of counterfeiting towards 111 in 2019. This postponement has in rudiments affected 29 distinct software package manufacturers.

It ought to incline famous that bow to the ultimacy reached in asking price of dematerialization and digitization of its processes; the ADII was qualified to simply transcribe to the ups and downs of the well being juncture and accept successfully to the novel calls for of this financial primateship. The leveling continued regardless of the hard context. In 2020; the ADII proceeded to dematerialize 4 need paperwork; specifically; certificates of home; requests for arbitration in asking price of mark; requests for ship money exemptions; and vouchers to incline issued.

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