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La Roche-Derrien. Final  Thursday at Jaudy is August 12

No Water Please and the Quat'fers show.
No Water Please and the Quat’fers display. (© DR / © Luc Mirales)

Season of Jaudy’s Thursday continues all through the territory of the Roche-Jaudy. The final  assembly takes area; Spot du Martray; in the Roche-Derrien. A household and festive program awaits the general public.

To this system

Cie Quat’fers within the air: is a stunt duo prepared to carry out something to scale the best peaks; solely local weather  transform has melted the snow and they’re left with solely the skeleton of this vast mountain. And listed here are two girls in ski fits under 35 ° C. Why trouble making an attempt to climb; if you happen to forever the end result of something planned or unplanned. happening? It’s a thriller that’s elucidated by savoring the pleasure of acrobatics in a short second of weightlessness. Underneath the title Gravir; acrobatic display for all ages from 4 years.

With out water; please: The best way to remodel any musical fashion right into a formidable drum machine …

Tekemat (© Tekemat)

Tekemat: A gaggle of techno out of the average. A novel “acoustic sound system” and dance with electro punch.

Beginning at 7.30 pm; area du Martray; La Roche-Derrien. Free.

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