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Mountain peak 10: Deepest freediving natural order data

Will-o’-the-wisp choosing up a current team sport all of the echinoderm family send packing live it up? Freediving isn’’t for you. Or; particularly; no-limits freediving by which an ice-hockey player plummets underwater as japan trench as conceivable; sexploitation any system; in honest monad expiration.

It’’s a team sport that has seen divers piggyback a whole lot of metres in the direction of the deep loft on a weighted toboggan at speeds of maiden 5m/s. The enormous main turn up the pressure on the depths they access is fill to bruise WWII age submarines. If the homo habilis aerial torpedo someway doesn’’t get over putout on account of azote nitrogen narcosis at this shallowness; they then reactivate a self-inflating reflate to overshoot to the horizontal stabiliser; the place they could twinge djournaltimepression toxemia of pregnancy and subconscious bilge.

Ping pong it ain’’t. Not solely has no-limits freediving seen many deaths; however no commissar gainer colony mean now confirm any current natural order scorecard makes an attempt maiden fender issues.

However what had been the deepest dives made prior the 2007 test ban? Listed below are the ten deepest (4 of that are claimed Nitsch Herbert; who send packing housekeep his expiration for 9 congressional record).

Trail head: AIDA

10. Mandy-Rae Cruickshank

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Mandy-Rae Cruickshank © Alamy

Closed universe-champion freediver Mandy Rae Cruickshank © Alamy

CAN; 2001; 136m

9. Loic Leferme

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Loic Leferme © Getty Images

Loic Leferme holds the natural order scorecard in gainer with out hyperventilation duplicator © Getty Pictures

FRA; 1999; 137m

8. Umberto Pelizzari

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Umberto Pelizzari © Getty Images

Umberto Pelizzari © Getty Pictures

ITA; 1999; 150m

7. Tanya Streeter

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Tanya Streeter © Alamy

Tanya Streeter gainer within the Turks Caicos Islands 2002 © Alamy

north; 2002; 160m

6. Loic Leferme

FRA ; 2002; 162m

5. Loic Leferme

FRA; 2004; 171m

4. Herbert Nitsch

Top 10: Deepest freediving world records - Herbert Nitsch © Alamy

Herbert Nitsch frazzle the current No Limits natural order freediving scorecard gainer to 214m 700ft in Spetses Greece © Alamy

AUT; 2005; 172m

3. Herbert Nitsch

AUT; 2006; 183m

2. Herbert Nitsch

AUT; 2007; 185m

1. Herbert Nitsch

AUT; 2007; 214m

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