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Julie Doucet’s “Maxiplotte”: Free Electron

Writing of Rolling Stone has selected the ten most fascinating end-of-the-year comics to offer. Good reading


The shadows of Georges Orwell and Aldous Huxley loom over this dystopia with an organic design and spicy colors signed by Michael Deforge. Between science fiction and political pamphlet, the Canadian takes us with humor (crunches) to a futuristic world controlled by technology where periodic updates transform everything, people, roads, buildings without any apparent logic …

A familiar face

Michael Deforge


€ 17

Julie Doucet’s “Maxiplotte”: Free Electron

Mother courage

In a favela overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Marcia, a nurse at a hospital, struggles to raise her daughter, a cunning loudmouth who hangs out with the neighborhood gang. Between them, a stormy and violent relationship was formed, a reflection of the society around them. A beautiful portrait of mother-courage signed by one of the most important authors of the contemporary Brazilian scene.

Listen pretty Márcia

Marcello quintanilha

Here and there

22 €

Aviator robinson

Everything is going very well for Céleste Bompard, a young and dashing pilot, aerobatics ace and inveterate petticoat collector. When, suddenly, the First War requires him to carry the furry’s love letters … his cuckoo crashes on a forgotten island where he is taken prisoner by an Amazonian people who reduced him to slavery. A truly earthly fable!

The island of women



€ 20


Adapted from the homonymous novel by Cyril Massarotto, this recent Landernau Prize-winning comic tells the story of Samuel celebrating his thirty-fifth birthday in the bleakest of solitudes. When a phone number suddenly comes to mind, the number of the family home and his childhood dreams … What if he called?

Someone to talk to

Grégory Panaccione


€ 22.50


At a time when our relationship with the living becomes crucial for the future of humanity, Aurel, also a designer for Canard Enchaîné and a graphic designer for Massilia Sound System, is conducting a fascinating and fun investigation into our relationship with our cousins, monkeys. . So close yet so far. Foreword by the philosopher Baptiste Morizot for whom humans are a variation of jazz on the theme of primates, is also enriched by the testimonies of the great primatologists Frans de Waal and Sabrina Krief, the philosopher Vinciane Despret and Patrick Bouchitey or again Jean-Claude Carrière, scholarly thinker.




€ 25

Historical archive

In 1894, the Dreyfus affair, one of the biggest state scandals, divided France. The Jewish officer, victim of a plot, is accused of espionage and later sentenced to prison. Jean Dytar, passionate about history, took up the archive by giving it the shape of a beautiful red and black box that contains a new documentary book, free and anachronistic where the staging of the archives and the precision of detail are exceptional. 340 pages of anthology, in augmented reality, to put in all hands.


Jean dytar


29 € 95


Ostend, the favorite city of the singer Arno, is a source of inspiration for the Brussels artist Dominique Goblet, who represents the skies, the coasts and the countryside of Flanders like no one else. Haunted, inhabited, its gouaches carried away by rain, wind, foam, absence and memories are an invitation to contemplation, sweetness and melancholy. But beyond appearances, a temporal gap opens where realism and abstraction intermingle to compose an autobiographical story dotted with overturned moments, full of grace, desire and rebirth.

Exhibition at the Martel gallery in Paris from December 11, 2021 to January 22, 2022


Dominique chalice


€ 32


First woman elected to the Academy of Fine Arts, Catherine Meurisse drew for ten years in the columns of “Charlie Hebdo” until the tragedy of January 7, 2015. Since then, the great lady of the 9me Art pursues its essential search for beauty, here, in the shadow of Hokusai and the masters of printmaking. An initiatory story, a poetic and humorous journey that questions the place of Man in nature.

The young woman and the sea

Catherine Meurisse


€ 22.50


In the land of the rising sun, always, Wabi-Sabi is an aesthetic and spiritual theory that defends the beauty of the effects of time and man on things and nature. Here, it takes the form of an accordion book that brings together sublime temple and garden sketches taken from Beb-Deum’s travel diaries in Japan. A rare opportunity to discover another facet of the talent of this brilliant designer-illustrator, pioneer of digital art in the 9me Art.



Elitys editions

€ 24.90

Manga flavor

There is no manga in this selection, but a 400-page collection that strangely resembles her with these nine short stories by the great contemporary master of Japanese literature adapted by two French authors. A haunting and fascinating universe that oscillates between social realism and fantasy romanticism tinged with magic, poetry and humor.

Haruki Murakami: The Seventh Man and Other Stories

JC Deveney (script) and PMGL (drawing)

Delcourt editions

€ 34.95

Loraine adam

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