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Udinese crosses its fingers on infections; the response on Wednesday of the call

The club prepares for Thursday’s game without giving confirmation on the negativity that will come only before the departure for Florence.

UDINE. The names of Udinese and Lazio are missing from the list of Serie A clubs that so far have not declared positive cases of Covid among their members and the absence of communications in this regard can only comfort two days after the resumption of a championship actually placed . Hardly tested by the resurgence of infections; to the point of making Juventus Bruseschi and Lazio Formello appear as two happy and uncontaminated islands.
However; it is necessary to underline some distinctions between the lines of communication adopted by the clubs on the subject of Covid; remembering that there are some companies that have never had problems in revealing the names and surnames of their positive partners; others that have chosen to keep them anonymous; while declaring the cases; and still others; such as Udinese and Lazio; who have adopted the line of silence; breaking it only when it has no longer been possible to maintain the strictest confidentiality in terms of privacy.

And so it happened at the Juventus home last year; when director Pierpaolo Marino came out; revealing the presence of an outbreak; from a Juventus cluster; a few hours before the start of Lazio-Udinese (1-3). All this; to remember that the old saying “there is no new; good new” does not always accurately reflect reality; inducing optimism.

That is why the absence of official communications in this regard can reassure to some extent; especially if; as in the case of the brief report on training published yesterday on the official Juventus website; the absences of the group Destiny Udogie; Brandon; Soppy ; Ilija Nestorovski and Jean Victor Makengo; who; like the injured Roberto Pereyra; did not conduct the session under Gabriele Cioffi.

In the hope that Udinese will continue to be a happy island; it is worth underlining the meticulousness of the company in terms of prevention; well represented not only by the pace of tampons (two a day for the whole group); but also by innovation . “Anti-match” takeaway; with lunch delivered to the players in the dressing room; to be consumed elsewhere and at a safe distance; and not in the stadium restaurant.

Therefore; the march towards Fiorentina continues with the utmost attention to the protocols; but it is clear that on days like these it will be the list of summoned; scheduled for Wednesday; to say if Udinese have been very lucky.

Because not finding positives; being isolated; negative and then rehabilitated after a medical procedure that includes cardiac and pulmonary tests; would avoid stumbling before the tight schedule that awaits Udinese.

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