TMW – Inter; settlement reached with Torino by Belotti. The numbers of the deal


As collected by Tuttomercatoweb Torino me Bury believe reached an settlement for the sale of Andrea Belotti within the Nerazzurri. The negotiation accelerated on Saturday and on Monday evening the events (Ausilio and Marotta on the one hand; Cairo and Vagnati on the opposite) met to barter the switch of the participant; whose contract expires in June 2022. It started with an preliminary Request for 20 million; Inter managed to procure the go-ahead from the property grenade by 15. Now the ball passes to the participant; who was as soon as knowledgeable of the negotiation between the 2 golf equipment. A gathering is predicted to be held shortly to agree on the period of the contract and the dedication.

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News of Serie A membership of Torino


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