Spezia; Thiago Motta: “A impartial draw. At 2-0 somebody thought it was over and as an alternative …”

Thiago Motta; Spezia‘s coach; commented on Cagliari’s 2-2 on the post-match press convention. This is an excerpt from their remarks: “Each groups deserved this level. We began a tricky match very properly. We have been apt at taking the lead and doubling down when everybody thought the match was over. You’ll be able to by no means say till 90 ‘. Our The thought of the sport is to forever raise the rival; with the ball on the bottom. Then it would additionally rely upon the gamers on the sector. They aren’t right here to invent soccer; they gain already completed it. Within the non-possession part we did properly ; we have to enhance our dealing with of the ball –.

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