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Sampdoria, first challenge: straighten your feet

Sampdoria, first challenge: straighten your feet

Sampdoria-Turin, played on January 15, 2022

Genoa – On Saturday I got there in a good buzz and did it.. I hadn’t intended to do it for a long time and finally I did it: I counted (even more, I tried to count) all the steps we missed, giving the ball to the opponent’s feet. Anyway, in the middle of the first half I broke my balls and stood there -also because we were a hair short of breaking the TV-, but I’m just telling you that, up to that moment, I’ve counted about fifteen/sixteen. Balls comfortably passed to the Toro players.

Now, I say, with all the good that I can wish for our boys, belin, but how do you pass the ball to others sixteen times in twenty minutes? SIXTEEN! No pimps! It is obvious that then you get punished immediately and there is no point in you going ahead first. How can we pretend to attack or try to play our game or defend a result if, systematically, when we have to make the second pass to restart, we pass the ball to those who have the wrong shirt? Is it the coach who is not capable? Is D’Aversa to blame? If out of eleven units, eight are given to the others for the entire fucking game or they cross paths in the separate ones, is the coach the problem? What should I do? Motivate them to go to the ophthalmologist to correct their color blindness? Tell some Serie A players: “Come on guys, let’s play high and remember that we are the ones with the Sampdoria shirt and the ones in the other shirt are the enemiesLet’s not always pass it on to them!”

So now Giampaolo will arrive. A comeback horse that has failed everywhere but here. And this time he doesn’t even have the players he should have to run the team like he says. I don’t know what to say, honestly. I am not in favor of too many changes, at this historical moment for Sampdoria. Do you think he’ll be able to straighten his feet to more than half pink and suddenly get the best of them? I say no. I say that everything will be exactly the same as with D’Aversa, no more and no less. But I seriously hope I’m wrong this time. I really hope that you can find the place as quickly as possible., in order to balance things a bit in the team and try to patch up the championship without too much additional suffering.

So in short, it’s not going to be hard, it’s going to be rock hard. But, as Sorrentino would say if we were in one of his films: “Let us not part.” Knife between the teeth and let’s move on. Let’s start with the positives like Falcone and hopefully some good graft to come from this market. It’s still long. Thanks D’Aversa and good job Giampaolo. Come on Sampa!

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