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Spring; Rome stops: 2-2 with Empoli; Volpato and Persson

Spring; Rome stops: 2-2 with Empoli; Volpato and Persson

Spring; Rome stops: 2-2 with Empoli; Volpato and Persson
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ROME SPRING EMPOLI – Stops There Rome spring. At Tre Fontane; Alberto De Rossi’s team drew 2-2 against Empoli; in the great game on matchday six. The Giallorossi go ahead twice: in the first half with Volpato; in the second with Persson. The Tuscans; however; found a draw on both occasions with Degli Innocenti on the point; with the second penalty highly dubious for a hand hit that; however; would have taken place outside the area.

Roma-Empoli; the match report

AS ROME (3-4-1-2): Mastrantonio; Ndiaye; Morichelli; Keramitsis; Louakima; Di Bartolo; Faticanti; Rocchetti; Volpato; Voelkerling Persson; Koffi.
Available: Berti; Baldi; Tahirovic; Dicorato; Ngingi; Bianchino; Pagano; Cherubini; Vetkal; D’Alessio; Falasca; Liburdi.
Everybody.: From Rossi.

EMPOLI FC (4-3-1-2): Hvalič; Boli; Pezzola; Evangelisti; Rizza; Bonassi; Degli Innocenti; Ignacchiti; Baldanzi; Ekong; Villa.
Available: Biagini; Fontanelli; Morelli; Rossi; Fazzini; Magazzu; Toccafondi; Guarino; Heimisson; Logrieco; Renzi; Indragoli.
Everybody.: I searched.

Referee: Unleash the Avezzano.
Assistant 1: Nasti of Naples.
Assistant 2: End of Battipaglia.

Markers: 20 ‘Volpato (R); 36’ rig; 76 ‘rig. Degli Innocenti (E); 55 ′ Persson (R).

Ammonites: 34 ′ Keramitsis (R);

The chronic


90 ‘+ 5 – It ends here. Rome stops before Empoli.

90‘- Five minutes of recovery.

87‘- Good opportunity for him Rome. Crossed from Falasca’s trocar; Morichelli is ready in the area that the mirror cannot find with his head

76‘- GOAL OF EMPOLI. Degli Innocenti is transformed from the place.

75‘- Another penalty for Empoli. Baldanzi’s action; Falasca touches his hand but is out of the area.

72‘- Another change for Roma. Falasca enters and Rocchetti leaves.

67‘- Loakimba leaves for Roma in favor of D’Alessio.

64‘- Another change for Empoli. Enter Magazzu for Villa.

63‘- Great shot from afar by Faticanti who tries to surprise the opposing goalkeeper. However; Hvalic is not surprised.

59‘- Yellow for Fatiganti; harsh intervention on Baldanzi.

55‘- ROMAAA GOOOOOOOL !!! GIALLOROSSI FOR ADVANTAGE !!!!!!! The Giallorossi recover the ball in the rival trocar; holed by Persson who sneaks between the two centrals and hits the goalkeeper

46‘- The second half begins.


45 ‘- The first half ends.

37 ‘- Empoli draws in pain! Degli Innocenti appears from the place; Mastrantonio feels his side but cannot manage to deflect the sphere.

36 ′ PENALTY Empoli. Faticanti Ignacchiti lands in the Giallorossi area; Scatena assigns the shot from 11 meters.

3. 4 ‘ – First yellow of the match: Keramitsis cautioned for stopping Ekong at the restart.

33 ′ – Persson tries to go alone; but his conclusion on the turn is weak.

22 ′ – Volpato tries to catch Koffi vertically; but the ball is too long.

20 ‘- GOOOOOOOL ROMAAAAAAA Persson up for Volpato; and the Giallorossi stab Empoli with a left on the near post.

fifteen’ – The Giallorossi appear; and this time it is Louakima who tries the shot with the right; but the shot is not dangerous and Hvalic resolves.

eleven ‘ – Empoli scares Roma with a long shot; but the diagonal ends; even slightly.

8 ′ – Degli Innocenti finished off the free kick with his right; but the ball was lost in the direction of Mastrantonio.

7 ′ – Bloody ball lost by the Giallorossi in the trocar; Di Bartolo knocks out the opponent and causes a potentially dangerous punishment for the guests.

1 ‘ – We started at Tre Fontane.

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