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there was no room to get to Kumbulla; the deal was prepared quickly

Tuanzebe with Juventus?  CorSport: no margin to reach Kumbulla; deal quickly prepared

Tuanzebe will not arrive at Juventus-Napoli

Axel Tuanzebe will become the fourth center available for Spalletti; will take the place of Manolas as told in today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport.

Naples transfer market

Tuanzebe out with Juventus

In 48 hours we will proceed to formalize a deal that Napoli quickly mounted; after realizing that there would never be any margins to reach Kumbulla: Tuanzebe liked it years ago; it was already in the Castel Volturno database and it has become the ideal. in profile; even in perspective. From Birmingham to Naples; therefore; it will have to be a moment; even if; considering the bureaucracy; Tuanzebe will not have time to appear on the night of the Epiphany in Turin; against Juventus: it will be a gift for the future “ has been selected by the new Google service if you want to always be updated on the latest news follow us on Google News

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