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Suárez-Juventus; sensational return of the flame: black and white assault

Suárez-Juventus; sensational return of the flame: black and white assault

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Suarez-Juventus; second act. According to colleagues from Corriere dello Sport; the Bianconeri have probed the track that would lead the Uruguayan forward to the January market. L’ex Barcelona; in disruption with theAtletico Madrid; he could use Juventus for six months before evaluating his future.

A complicated negotiation: Juventus will hardly be willing to deceive the Atlético de Madrid center forward; but it is not ruled out that the Bianconeri could step on the accelerator to complete with Suarez Allegri offensive department.

A deal that could only take off in case of Morata sale and lack of agreement with Icardi. Suárez is still the third option of the Juventus; a solution with holes for six months before sinking the blow into the true center forward of the future. Scamacca and Vlahovic the names in ds Cherubini’s notebook.

Suárez-Juventus; because it can close in January

Suárez all Juventus for six months before saying yes to a new MLS adventure. This could be the strategy of the current Atlético de Madrid center forward. A strategy that would go perfectly with the plans of the Bianconeri. A complicated operation; but not impossible: this is what the market has taught us in recent years.

Juventus attack will start only if Morata He will put his foot down and decide to leave Juventus to say yes to Barcelona in early January. Offensive jams could only materialize in the face of a domino effect. Icardi he is still the first option at Juve. Suarez; for now; is still a crazy fantasy; but it must be kept alive as a potential plan B.

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