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Who is Daniele Adani; better known as Lele Adani? Wife and children; Instagram; Soccer; Sky

Who is Daniele Adani, better known as Lele Adani?  Wife and children, Instagram, Soccer, Sky

Daniele adani is a 47-year-old Italian footballer from Correggio (RE). He was born on July 10; 1974.
Today is columnist and commentator of matches.

He played for Inter from 2002 to 2004; at Modena FC from 1991 to 1994; in ’94 at SS Lazio; 2004-2005 at Brescia Calcio; from 2006 to 2008 at Empoli FC; while from 1999 to 2002 also at ACF Fiorentina; finally in the season 2005/2006 in Ascoli Calcio.

From 2000 to 2004 it was also a player of the Italian soccer team.

Here is a summary:

After retiring in his early thirties; Adani becomes the second of Silvio Baldini; coach of Vicenza; will be a few months.

In November 2014 it is Roberto Mancini to summon him as his substitute at Inter; but Adani does not accept; preferring to continue his career as a commentator for Sky.

Lele or Daniele Adani: wife and children

Lele Adani defends your privacy: little or nothing is known about his more private side.

From various sources we know that the father was a carpenter in San Martino in Rio and that the mother was a typesetter; unfortunately the latter passed away. While Simone adani; also a former soccer player and Lele’s brother; is now a soccer coach.

Searching your Twitter or Instagram profiles you are alone football; work and passion of Lele Adani; but on the personal level there is no trace of flirtations; girlfriends and much less wives.

In an interview with Adani in Gazzetta dello SportI explain how he neglected the people in his life to make room for football.

Therefore; there are no stories to tell about Adani..

“The beard was a promise I made to my mom before she left; that’s why I cut it off now”

Lele adani greeted his own forever beard; now a registered trademark of the ex-footballer who gives away 10 years accompanies him.

His Instagram Adani He is very popular as a television commentator and says he never cut it after all these years until he made a promise to his mother; right before saying goodbye for good.

“Ten years ago I made you a promise before I left forever;” he writes on social media. Catfish Adani – It was January 2; 2012; you were in bed and it was morning.
He had not spoken in weeks; but it was not necessary because it was his eyes that spoke; that said a lot.

They spent the last Christmas together and you still had a few hours with us. You were ready and you were not afraid.

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