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Tottenham Hotspur wants to lure “the President” away from Milan with a lucrative offer

Tottenham Hotspur wants to lure “the President” away from Milan with a lucrative offer

Tottenham Hotspur will soon make Franck Kessié a “lucrative offer”; reports ESPN Friday afternoon. The AC Milan midfielder has an expiring contract and will be able to negotiate with interested clubs from Saturday; the start of the new calendar year. Tottenham are hoping to convince Kessie to sign a preliminary contract so that he can be taken over by Milan on a free transfer this summer.

Tottenham already fished for Kessié last summer and wrote earlier this week The express about the renewed interest. The newspaper kept it under lock and key: the size of the offer for the 25-year-old Ivorian would depend on whether at least one high-income earner leaves in the next month. Finally; the necessary money has to be provided for Kessié’s arrival. In September he turned down another offer from Milan to extend his contract at an annual salary of 6.5 million euros; reported back then The Gazzetta dello Sport that Kessié wants to earn 8 million euros a year.

The Italian sports newspaper then announced that Liverpool; Tottenham Hotspur; Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain are closely monitoring the situation. There is still a chance Kessie may choose to stay at the San Siro for longer; with the midfielder saying he has no intention of leaving in July. -I want to stay here forever;– he even admitted. “The club always knew I wanted to stay here. We have a fantastic group of players. We want to live up to the name Milan has in Europe.” After Gianluigi Donnarumma and Hakan Çalhanoglu; Milan do not want to let another star go free.

One week before the end of the summer transfer deadline Transfer market Incidentally; Kessie turned down a chance to join Tottenham even though Milan were ready to listen to the offer from England. Now the Londoners appear to be returning for the midfielder; who joined Atalanta in 2017 and has since made 205 competitive appearances for Milan; scoring 35 goals. Kessié is affectionately known as “the President” by his teammates and Milan fans; as he is known as the leading figure in the locker room. In the summer; Kessié was named as a possible new captain; but the choice fell on Simon Kjaer. “I love it when the fans sing ‘There’s only one captain!’ I want to spend my whole football life here; “said Kessié in July.

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