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Forced to leave Barça; Aguero back at Citizens?

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While Sergio Aguero (33) retired On December 15; the former Argentina striker was expected to bounce back from heart problems.

Omen; future Manchester City ambassador?

According to The sun; the Manchester City English team where he has developed for ten seasons would consider a possibility of bringing him back. the citizens is intended to offer Sergio Aguero an ambassador role within the club in the north of England. If the assignments of this function have not yet been determined; the -Kun– could quickly shorten his vacation in South America in order to resume service at Manchester City.


According to The Sun; Argentinian Sergio Aguero; 33; a young player retired from the field due to heart problems; is set to return in an ambassador role at Manchester City; the club he played for ten seasons.

Forced to leave Barça; Aguero back at Citizens?

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