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Benítez explains his big failure; big favorite to replace him?

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Despite the complicated circumstances of his departure; Rafael Benítez; who has been in charge since the start of the season; wanted to leave a message for the fans. It is that Daily mail who reported it last night. The Spanish coach tried to explain himself but doesn’t seem to want to apologize at the moment: “From day one; my staff and I have worked as always; with full commitment and dedication; we not only had to achieve results; but we also had to get them win people’s hearts. However; the financial situation and subsequent injuries made things even more difficult. I’m convinced that we would have been better with the injured players returning and the newcomers. The path to success is not easy and unfortunately in football nowadays instant results are sought and there is less and less patience; Unfortunately; circumstances have determined the results and it will not be possible to continue this project. »

Which successor?

The former Champions League winner with Liverpool blamed the situation the Everton club are going through at the moment without questioning his management and ideas. An attitude that risks proving to be more correct towards the leaders of the Toffees who are looking for a successor.

For that; the priority would be to call back someone who was already on the Everton bench: Roberto Martínez. The latter is in charge at the Belgium side but would be interested in the idea of ​​a return to the Premier League. The only problem: the Belgian federation would not be willing to release him. Furthermore; some fans would not welcome his return despite his rather flattering record with his former club (5th in PL in 2013-2014; 1/8th final in C3 the following season and FA Cup semi-finals in 2015-2016). ; which left fond memories for other supporters.

Other candidates named are Duncan Ferguson (who was already interim after Marco Silva left in 2019); Wayne Rooney and Niko Kovač. Sky Sports brought up two other names: Rudi Garcia and Frank Lampard.


Rafael Benítez and Everton; it’s over. The Spanish manager still appears to be in denial but that doesn’t stop the English club from looking for a replacement as soon as possible. Roberto Martínez would be on pole to succeed.

Eliott Lafleur

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