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Messins secures an important player

While FC Metz must absolutely recruit during this winter transfer window; it is also necessary to secure certain players who reach the end of their contract in June. The maroon club spread for the first time.

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Is the guardian Marc-Aurèle Caillard who extended his contract with FC Metz. He came to the club in the summer of 2020 from Guingamp; iHe signed her a contract for two more seasons; until June 2024. Yet rarely a starter in the maroon club’s goals since his arrival (just 8 league games in a year and a half); the 27-year-old goalkeeper has decided to renew his confidence in FC Metz.

Headline until the end of the season?

Banned by Alexandre Oukidja since his arrival in Metz; Marc-Aurèle Caillard seems to see the horizon of a future as a starter. Indeed; the French have played the last 3 matches of the TCC club in their entirety. Was this decision by Frederic Antonetti due to the bad results of the club or was it a foretaste of the absence of Oukidja; now gone to play the CAN with Algeria? In any case; Caillard was able to respond and reassure his coach: 1 win and 1 draw in Ligue 1; results obtained in particular thanks to the good performance of the new starting goalkeeper. Marc-Aurèle Caillard will undoubtedly start in January in the absence of Oukidja and; if his performances continue to match; he could well continue to do so even after the return of the Algerian goalkeeper.. It is probably in this perspective that the French agreed to expand. FC Metz have; in any case; two good goalkeepers whose competence will push them to excel; which is not likely to penalize Metz; on the contrary.

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