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the choice of the future club logo causes tensions with the fans

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A new delicate matter to manage for the management of ASSE? With the resale of the club forever; the complaint against a potential buyer; mediocre sports results; the sanctions of the LFP … this season is decidedly difficult for the Greens. And a new issue is creating tensions. The management; wanting to add a touch of modernity; decided to change the club’s logo. And the supporters were included in the process as some of them are present in the panel of 42 people who will have to choose 2 logo proposals that will be submitted to a final public vote.

The department is an official sponsor

But voting; which was originally scheduled for early November; won’t be open until next week; according to Progress. The reason ? a disagreement between management and the panel over a sponsor. In fact; the word “Loire” is no longer present in the last three logos preserved. This poses a problem since the Loire department is the official sponsor of the club. The management therefore goes back to ask the graphic agency that is in charge of creating the logo that includes this sponsor. As a reminder; the current ASSE logo is the oldest in Ligue 1 because it was created in 1989. Jean-François Soucasse; who took over as Saint-Etienne CEO in July 2021; prioritized the change project logo.

To sum up

The public vote for the choice of the future AS Saint-Etienne logo will begin this week several days late. The fault of a disagreement between the club’s management and the Greens fans with; in the center; one of the club’s main sponsors.

the choice of the future club logo causes tensions with the fans

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