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“Our month of January promises to be exciting”

Erwan Lannuzel Bergerac
Erwan Lannuzel arrived in Bergerac this summer. (Raccoon Photo Colors)

Between their first place in the Group D classification of Nacional 2; their feat against FC Metz and their round of 16 in the French Cup against Créteil; Bergerac Périgord FC is experiencing an idyllic first part of the season. Interview with his coach; Erwan Lannuzel.

Having created the feat by leaving FC Metz at the end of a penalty shootout; another big challenge awaits as you take on Créteil. What do you expect from this game?

“Obviously; we expect a difficult match; it is a match that qualifies for the knockout stages of the Coupe de France. We are facing a team that evolves to a higher level; the task will not be easy. “

In preparation for this match; what have you tried to put in place with your players?

“At the end of the game against Metz; the first important step was to recover wellpsychologically and physically during this first part of the season; which was long. Since June 25 we are in the field. We recover for a week. When we resumed; we began to work on a global job with the idea of ​​getting the players in shape for the second part of the season; which promises to be long and complicated. And currently; we are starting to get into the details of the game project that will be set up against Créteil. “

-We are in a series of 14 games without losses! “

For this poster; you will be the host again in your stadium. Lawn that has also been harshly criticized by Frédéric Antonetti …

“Honestly; he can say whatever he wants; that’s not my problem!” I only dwell on the details that allow me to win games and move on. The Coupe de France is a special competition and the courses are part of it. When we go into contention and face District teams on Sunday afternoon on tough fields; it’s part of soccer. You have to be able to adapt; the terrain was not easy for us either. “

In this first part of the season everything is going for the better since you are very close to qualifying for the round of 16 and you are the first of your National 2 group. An ideal first part of the season?

-It is a very satisfactory start to the season; especially from an accounting point of view because qualifying means everything and says nothing. We are in a homogeneous group and so far very few leaders have emerged. We are on a 14-game losing streak; that interests me more; because no one will remember the fall champion. The goal is to be efficient in the end. We simply move forward with humility and ambition. We focus on emerging maches. If we can be alive in April why not; but we stay focused on what is happening to us and we savor the good times that we have been living for a few weeks. “

-We do not have a National 2 structure that has an optimal medical staff! “

Between the Cup and the championship; can your players manage physically?

-To be honest; it is quite difficult; but it is up to us; the squad; to find the right levers to be able to recover the players psychologically and physically. We do not have a National 2 structure that has an optimal medical staff; so we have to adapt to many things. We try to be vigilant; find solutions and be proactive. “

During this winter break; are you going to take a break?

-Not at all; we can’t. We continue directly on January 8; in the League against Les Herbiers. We will not have time to recover as in the process we played the derby against Trélissac and soon after we will face Moulins Yzeure who is second in the standings; just behind us. Our January promises to be an exciting one. “

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