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Janssen and Cornelisse get new coaching tasks…

Theo Janssen

Theo Janssen
Photo: © Orange Pictures

Tim Cornelisse and Theo Janssen both had very good times as footballers at FC Twente. Both men are currently under contract with Vitesse from Arnhem.

The club announced that they would be given new tasks there. -Following the transfer of Nicky Hofs; who is returning to the first team as an assistant coach; Tim Cornelisse is taking over from Hofs. The 43-year-old from North Holland will be the Vitesse U21 team until the end of the season. The former defender has been at the helm of Vitesse U18 since last summer;” he says of the club report something.

This also gives Theo Janssen a new job. With the move from Cornelisse; a place in the U18 has also become vacant. The position of head coach of this team will be taken by Theo Janssen.

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