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News from Friesland from January 8 and 9 | How Haulerwijk struggles with the adverse effects of a solar park and wolves strike in Drents-Friese Wold

View from the garden of Louwes. PHOTO: RENS HOOYENGA

Solar parks in Friesland have to be right next to the village these days. But how do you ensure that residents are affected as little as possible? They have been struggling with it for years in Haulerwijk. That and more in our roundup of the most important news from the past 48 hours.

Whether it is spring; summer or autumn: every day in the afternoon there is that annoying reflection in the garden; tells Tieme Jaap Louwes from Haulerwijk . The solar panels right behind their backyard often reflect sunlight straight in the direction of their house for a few hours. ;;We can’t look that way; you’re totally blinded. When we are in the house; the blinds have to be closed.–

Initiator Groenleven had promised that the park; built about four years ago; would be protected by a green strip of 1.80 high and two meters wide. Now that it is still not there after all these years; the municipality of Ooststellingwerf is forced to impose a penalty on the company.

Wolves strike again in Drents-Friese Wold

She simply doesn’t trust it. Every morning and every evening Estelle Teunissen (23) gets into the car to look at her fifteen horses. Count; check. Are they all still there? The little ones too? Or maybe the wolves wreaked havoc? -It’s a recent thing. The wolf is really here now;” she says at the kitchen table on Saturday afternoon.

At her parents’ campsite (De Goede Weide) in Oude Willem; on the border of Friesland and Drenthe; Estelle runs a covered wagon rental company. She has twelve fjords and three shetlanders. Most animals are not at home; but in land further away. The ‘wolf checks’ cost her a lot of time every day .

Anas Tahiri; the ‘successor of Veerman’ at SC Heerenveen?

A technical footballer who likes to play football forward and who wants to touch the ball a lot. Listen to how Anas Tahiri describes herself and the connections with Joey Veerman are quickly made. -Thanks to his transfer; the road to Heerenveen has become easier for me–; says the new addition to SC Heerenveen.

Medals Kok; De Jong and Groenewoud on European Championship distances

The Dutch women won gold in the team pursuit at the European Championships on Sunday. The team of Ireen Wüst; Antoinette de Jong and Irene Schouten was faster than all the others with 2.54.12; a track record.

Later in the afternoon there was silver for Femke Kok in the 1;000 meters; who was allowed to drive the distance due to a cancellation from Wüst; behind Jutta Leerdam.

The mass start for the women was also a Dutch party. Schouten and Marijke Groenewoud checked the peloton and didn’t let anyone drive away. Schouten was the strongest in the sprint; Groenewoud took silver behind her.

Brocante shop in Oldeberkoop still open despite corona rules

Anneke Jager opened the doors of her flea market Solstice in Oldeberkoop on Saturday afternoon. She does not agree with the corona policy. It was noisy in the street.

Police officers and enforcers (boas) kept an eye on the situation around the flea market on Willinge Prinsstraat. Here a group of people and several hikers ‘guarded’ the building and the immediate surroundings. Among other things; they blocked the entrance to the store.

How the Netherlands made hundreds of millions of extra profit with the export and import of natural gas

Thousands of secret documents were made public this week in the National Archives in The Hague. The pieces are about the war; the Dutch East Indies and Srebrenica. Also released are the minutes of the 1996 Council of Ministers meeting on gas from Russia and the Wadden Sea. ‘Sensitive matter’; the ministers already know. And still current. A glimpse.

Aris convinces with a resounding victory at Den Helder

Aris Leeuwarden did good business in the BNXT League on Sunday afternoon. By beating Den Helder Suns 77-103; Vincent van Sliedregt’s team settles even more firmly in the top five.

And further in the news:

* The wolf pair that has settled in the Drents-Friese Wold has most likely struck again. In Wapse and Vledder; sheep have been bitten to death. A little further on; in Oude Willem; they speak of a drama. -This is very much alive here.–

* Do you have the Dr. Thinker Christmas puzzle and/or the Year-end blast from Leeuwarder Courant solved and do you want to have a chance to win the prizes? Submit your solutions now. You have until Monday 10 January 11:59 pm to submit your solutions.

* Hilda Hobma in Drachten takes action against the corona policy and the lockdown with naked mannequins on the street. Many fellow entrepreneurs join .

Editor’s Tip:

* On Saturday a hearse drove past a long; long hedge of tractors containing the coffin of a beloved farmer; who died much too young. Great men stood along the side in Weidum. Their hands on their hearts; their thoughts on the family .

* During a visit to an exhibition last year; artist Theo de Feyter was captivated by the beauty of the Tripgemaal. Last week he captured the ubiquitous decoys there.

* A technical footballer who likes to play football forward and who wants to touch the ball a lot. Hear how Anas Tahiri describes herself and the connections with Joey Veerman are quickly made.

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