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Live: Go Ahead Eagles – RKC Waalwijk (January 15; 2022)

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With that; this live blog is over. Bye!

It is over! RKC beats a weak Go Ahead Eagles 0-2.


Go Ahead is now coming up with a final offensive; but it seems to be too late.


Stokkers lay down next to it. He seems to have some pain in his shoulder.


There will be no less than five minutes of extra time.


Bakker does not intervene well in this running action by Van der Venne; but again Hahn performs well.


This header is a bit short; but Hahn is on the ball in time.


The ball almost falls for Mulenga here; but the ball just flies over him.


Gaari and Kuipers receive a yellow card for this.


After a violation by Gaari; there is a disturbance along the sideline.


Kuipers and Oukili knock each other over; resulting in a free kick for RKC.


Stokkers gets a chance to close the game here; but Deijl puts a stop to it.


Oratmangoen slips well past his opponent here; but then the ball runs over the back line.


Very little happens in the last few minutes. It is no longer necessary for RKC; and Go Ahead is not in a position to do anything.


After a good run; Richard van der Venne just misses the ball; but the leather remains in Waalwijk’s possession.


At Go Ahead; Ross and Mulenga come before Cordoba and Lidberg.


Kramer goes to the side for Oukili (RKC).


Cordoba just gets the ball at his feet; but doesn’t know how to take advantage of it.


Go Ahead often plays the ball around the back; but can’t do anything offensively for the time being.


Brouwers is sent off well; but the ball is just a bit too hard for the midfielder.


Rommens and Idzes come for Lucassen and Heil (Go Ahead Eagles).


Wouters puts the ball under him too much; so that his attempt goes over the goal.


A bloodletting for RKC; that will hope that the injury is not too bad.


Odgaard has to get rid of it due to an injury. Richard van der Venne is his replacement (RKC).


Heil puts the ball on Lidberg’s head; who gently heads the ball into Vaessen’s hands.


Go Ahead tries to attack; but hasn’t found the key yet.


Nice corner from RKC; who just skims over the head of Adewoye.


Cordoba is well shielded by Van den Buijs; so that this attack by Go Ahead comes to nothing.


The second half has started. Can Go Ahead still come back from this deficit; or will RKC finally win on foreign soil again.

Büttner has been substituted for Wouters (RKC).

We’ll be right back with you for the second half.

It’s peace and quiet in Deventer! RKC leads 0-2 thanks to assists from both goalkeepers!


One minute is added in this first half.


However; there is no second yellow card.


Go Ahead wants to see a yellow card for Buttner here. The RKC left back raises his leg too high.


Stokkers is offside here; but also shoots the ball wide.


Bakker tries to send Lidberg away; but his pass is much too hard.


Go Ahead does not show very much today: RKC remains upright quite easily.


After a back pass; he passes the ball far too softly; allowing Kramer to easily shoot in.


Hahn makes a huge mistake; leading in a very easy goal for Michiel Kramer!


Vaessen comes out with danger to life and limb; but is at the ball earlier than Cordoba.


Lidberg is shown a yellow card (Go Ahead Eagles) after this collision.


Lidberg and Vaessen collide painfully after a cross. The latter is especially affected by this.


Lidberg catches up well on this cross; but just misses the ball.


After good interplay between Heil and Oratmangoen; this action eventually ends in the RKC penalty area.


Miscommunication between Odgaard and Büttner. The latter wanted to shoot; but the former prevented it.


He then flips the ball over Warner Hahn; giving RKC the lead.


After a short thought; the keeper shoots the ball beautifully. Lucassen doesn’t estimate the situation well after that; so Stokkers can get the ball.


Stokkers makes the 0-1 after an assist from keeper Etienne Vaessen!


Büttner gets yellow after he continues hard at Deijl (RKC).


Go Ahead now takes a little more initiative; and also tries to create opportunities.


After three corners; the ball finally clears. Cordoba heads the cross backwards over Vaessen’s goal.


Lidberg pulls alone towards the goal of RKC; and eventually manages to pull out a corner.


RKC tries to surprise Go Ahead here with a corner variant; but that fails.


Go Ahead wants to break out; but this ball from Cordoba is not accurate enough.


Büttner wants to bring the ball high; but hits it against Deijl. Corner for the visitors.


Gaari brings the ball low; after which the ball shoots through to Kramer. He shoots at his direct opponent.


Odgaard puts Kramer away well; but Hahn is just a little earlier at the ball.


Büttner makes a good run on the left flank; but Odgaard’s pass is much too hard.


Moments later; Cordoba gets a chance; but his attempt is between a shot and a cross. Vaessen therefore has little problem with it.


This cross from Go Ahead is only half removed; so that the ball ends up on the feet of Brouwers. He seems startled by the situation.


Anita cannot hold the ball in midfield; so Heil can run off with the leather.


The match between Go Ahead and RKC has started. Will the first goal of Saturday night be scored in this match?

In the winter break; Go Ahead Eagles practiced against the second team of Dortmund; which plays in the third division of Germany. That game was lost 2-1.

Sander van der Eijk is in charge of this match.

RKC has not yet obtained reinforcements.

Go Ahead has so far brought in one player within this transfer window: Aventis Aventisian came over from PAOK Saloniki on a free transfer.

Both players play for the Comoros in Cameroon.

Both teams have to miss a player because of the Africa Cup. At Go Ahead it’s Bourhane; and at RKC it’s about Bakari.

Now to today’s lineups:

Because of that victory; RKC promoted to the Eredivisie in 2019.

This season; both teams scored only nineteen times; but the last meeting between these two teams in Deventer ended in 4-5.

It’s not a goal-fest today; but maybe these teams can change that.

Welcome to the Adelaarshorst; where Go Ahead and RKC will soon compete against each other.

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