Michiel Kramer has not forgotten scoring yet. The striker showed it on Saturday evening. In the final phase of the RKC – Sparta match; he headed the team from Brabant to the win. Final score: 1-0.

Visibly disappointed; the Spartans trickled into the dressing room on Saturday evening after the game against RKC. The game; which should have been won well; ended in a 1-0 defeat. Michiel Kramer headed the team from Brabant to victory in the final phase. And with that; the starting position for Henk Fraser’s team is becoming increasingly worrisome.

Solos that stranded in beauty; balls that didn’t arrive and players that eagerly lost the ball; RKC – Sparta was an ordeal for ninety minutes in a row. But the relegation cracker was exciting; perhaps because of that; undeniably. In terms of quality; both teams are hardly inferior to each other; it turned out in Waalwijk; where hardly anything exciting happened in the first 45 minutes. Maduka Okoye; Sparta’s excellent goalkeeper; had to come into action once after a bet by Jens Odgaard. And on the other hand; Vito van Crooij (shot) and Lennart Thy (header) were the only danger.

It is precisely Kramer that helps RKC to a crucial victory against Sparta |  Dutch football

© Pro Shots / Marcel van Dorst

The game only came to life in the second half; in which the Spaniards started more threateningly; but in which the Brabant players got the best opportunities over time. Michiel Kramer in particular; the striker who has an unmemorable past at Het Kasteel; loomed twice dangerously in front of Okoye’s goal. Once he shot over from close range; the other time a header sailed just wide. It was indicative of the unrest in the Rotterdam defense in that phase.

With; among others; substitute Emanuel Emegha and Mario Engels in the team; Sparta tried to force the victory in the final phase. And ten minutes before the end; Engels was also close when his marker narrowly missed the goal of RKC keeper Etienne Vaessen. But it was Kramer who; after a wonderful pass from substitute Iliass Bel Hassani; took care of the victory for the Waalwijkers.Snel more…

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