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PEC Zwolle is not affected by corona and 2022 has an excellent start

January 14; 2022 – The year 2022 could not have started better for PEC Zwolle. The last of the Eredivisie; hit by corona just before the restart of the competition; defeated Willem II 2-0. With this; PEC immediately doubled the number of victories; while Willem II lost for the ninth time in a row. In an otherwise fairly mediocre game; Thomas van den Belt was the best player. He shot the 1-0 against the ropes before the break and also made the second goal after the break.

PEC Zwolle is not affected by corona and 2022 has an excellent start

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For both clubs; a win was all that mattered tonight in Zwolle. The home team; which had been the red lantern bearer for months; could not afford to immediately get back into negative sentiment in the first game of 2022. Willem II has not had a win since September; and took the last point in October. Then eight losses in a row followed. That is why supporters recently expressed their displeasure with texts such as ‘finished with that shit’. According to them; there was nothing left but winning at the bottom. Otherwise Willem II would be a big fool; were the unmistakable lyrics of the fans.

Towards that second victory of the season PEC it is immediately difficult. Corona struck; the club requested the KNVB for a postponement; but the football association did not agree. So trainer Dick Schreuder thought he had to make do with a few players from Jong PEC Zwolle; but many players also tested positive there. Nevertheless; he eventually put together a team worthy of the Eredivisie; with not a single player from the youth. There were a few youngsters on the bench next to players from the first team; but according to Schreuder not all of them were match fit.

Anyway; PEC was the team that showed more guts and more aggressiveness in the first half. Typical for this was the 1-0 after 26 minutes of play: Derrick Köhn let himself be trumped twice in the defense; so that Bram van Polen took off with the ball and was able to give to Van den Belt. That put Zwolle on a deserved lead. PEC did not score more often; especially because acquisition Oussama Darfalou headed wide and Gervane Kastaneer forgot to play after two fine plays. Mustafa Saymak did that in the opening minutes; but keeper Timon Wellenreuther took his shot.

Willem II only countered a header from Godfried Roemeratoe (over) in the first half. In order not to run into a ninth defeat in a row; something had to be done after the break. Then things had to change; especially in terms of attitude: the beech had to be in it and more risks could also be taken. The team from Brabant only played the long ball towards Kwasi Wriedt; but such a pass often did not arrive; so that the pursuit had to be started again.

Despite a substitution immediately upon leaving the dressing rooms and two substitutions after an hour of play; Willem II was unable to turn the tide. It just wasn’t in it for the Tricolores. The players on the field noticed this too; and Ché Nunnely expressed his frustration by selling Mustafa Saymak a shovel. Referee Jeroen Manschot drew yellow; Nunnely was allowed to remain standing.

As time went on; it became more hanging than standing with Nunnely and his teammates. Especially after Van den Belt made the 2-0 with about twelve minutes on the clock. Darfalou controlled the ball cleverly between two men; gave the ball and Van den Belt got into the ball excellently. He made it 2-0 behind Wellenreuther and determined the final score. The excited Willem II; who walked lost across the field; certainly did not recover from that blow. So PEC booked its second win of the season and is almost back in touch with SC Cambuur and Sparta.

Lineups and ratings*

PEC Zwolle: Kostas Lamprou 6; Bram van Polen 7.5; Yuta Nakayama 7.5; Siemen Voet 6; Eliano Reijnders 6; Thomas van den Belt 8; Rico Strieder 6 (81. Kenneth Paal -); Mees de Wit 6; Mustafa Saymak 6.5 (81. Elikia Mbinga -); Oussama Darfalou 6.5; Gervane Kastaneer 6 (81. Daishawn Redan -).

William II: Timon Wellenreuther 5; Mats Köhlert 5; Emil Bergström 4; Nikos Michelis 4; Derrick Köhn 3 (60. Vincent Schippers 4;5); Pol Llonch 5 (76. Argyris Kampetsis -); Godfried Roemeratoe 5 (89. Dries Saddiki -) ; Ringo Meerveld 4 (46. Görkem Saglam 4.5); Ché Nunnely 4; Kwasi Wriedt 5; Max Svensson 4.5 (60. Elton Kabangu 5).

Man of the match: Thomas van den Belt
*Players must play for a minimum of twenty minutes to qualify for a rating.

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