The ladies of Cabooter HandbaL Venlo continued to win in their ownjournaltimepetition even after the European victory against LK Zug. The Venlo team did not benefit from Volendam.

HandbaL Venlo has played Europe the last two weekends and therefore did not play in the Eredivisie. That was the case again tonight. Robin Gielen’s team played at home against Volendam.


In the game; the Venlo ladies did not get into any trouble. Volendam took a small lead at the start of the game; but it was quickly interrupted. In the second half of the first half; HandbaL Venlo thundered over the opponent. It was 20-10 at the break.

In the second half; the ladies were able to slow down a bit more. The playing field remained about ten goals the entire time. It ended in a 33-22 draw.

eight of eight

Due to the victory; HandbaL Venlo remains in the Eredivisie without losing any points. All eight matches were won. Venloen has as many points as VOC Amsterdam; who played another game. On Sunday; the team will visit the lower Fortissimo.

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