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Toni Domgjoni player of the week

Toni Domgjoni player of the week
Toni Domgjoni in action against Feyenoord © BSR Orange Photos

ARNHEM – Toni Domgjoni is the player of the week in the battle for the Gelderland footballer of the year.

The Swiss midfielder from Vitesse was back in the starting lineup for the first time in ages and was very useful against Feyenoord. He gets five points; one more than his teammate Lois Openda; who scored and is the leader in the standings.

Ivan Marquez of NEC played with a lot of passion against Heracles and gets three points. Sondre Tronstad was again very solid at Vitesse and that gives him two points. The last point goes to Julian Lelieveld of De Graafschap.


Lois Openda (Speed) 26

Lois Openda scored the only goal.
Lois Openda scored the only goal. © BSRAgency/Orange Pictures

Riechedly Bazoer (Speed) 17

Sondre Tronstad (Vitesse) 16

Julian Lelieveld (The Province) 13

Mattijs Branderhorst (NEC) 12

Markus Schubert (Vitesse) 7

Giovanni Korte (The County) 7

Hidde Jurjus (De Graafschap) 7

Jacob Rasmussen (Vitesse) 7

Danilho Doekhi (Vitesse) 5

Hachim Acheffay (The County) 5

Jasper van Heertum (De Graafschap) 5

Nikolai Baden Frederiksen (Speed) 5

Jeroen Houwen (Vitesse) 5

Toni Domgjoni (Speed) 5

Elmo Lieftink (De Graafschap) 3

Jeffry Fortes (De Graafschap) 3

Danny Verbeek (De Graafschap) 2

Enzo Cornelisse (Speed) 2

Souffian El Karouani (NEC) 2

Philip Brittijn (The County) 2

Devin Haen (De Graafschap) 1

Joey Konings (The County) 1

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