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‘At home I watch the matches alone’

The atmosphere of the Goffert Stadium; it is not there at home in front of the tube. Nijmegen resident Frans Hendriks (61) thinks it is a great loss that he has to encourage his club without all his NEC friends. -But a true supporter remains loyal to his club. I will continue to follow everything.–

The cheering; the shouting; the singing; the flags and especially his fellow supporters: Frans misses all that. Due to the corona pandemic and the defects in the grandstands of the Goffert; football fans stopped following a lot of matches together in the blood ball. Frans: -Normally I go to the clubhouse on time for a match. Everyone knows each other there and it is always fun. You talk to each other about football or something else. You don’t have that fun now. At home I watch alone.–

unexpectedly good

Frans thinks that is an extra pity; because NEC is doing a great job. The team was promoted from the Keuken Kampioen Divisie to the Eredivisie last season. They are even ninth in the standings and still have a chance to reach the play-offs for European football. Frans is just a little proud. “Who would have thought that? Not me!”

Also a bit for Ajax

Frans has had the love for NEC all his life. He grew up in Ooij; where he played football at the local football club as a child. He grew up following national football. -My father followed all the matches and was for Feyenoord. We watched together every weekend. I was for NEC and also for Ajax. That didn’t bring a fight; you know.”

I’d rather not worry

Although football sometimes brings unrest. Frans also sometimes went to away games. Nice; but sometimes things got out of hand. So now he sticks to home games. -I want to be a good supporter and don’t look for crowds there anymore. After a match; there is sometimes unrest among groups of people; before you know it you are in between. Something can always happen.–
His permanent place in the stadium is in Box L. -We used to have flags and banners there; but now that’s only allowed in the atmosphere section; isn’t it a pity?–

Not a shirt; but a scarf

Whether Frans is allowed to go to de Goffert or not; he hangs out the club flag at home on every match day. When he looks at home; he also hangs a NEC scarf around his neck. -Yes; that should not be missing. I have a whole collection of NEC stuff; they’re all on top of a closet. Caps; hats; scarves; cards and water bottles. -I don’t have shirts. The club often gets a different sponsor; then you stay busy and sometimes you can buy a new one several times a year. I prefer to wear a scarf.–

Fun to follow

Does the name Frans Hendriks sound familiar to you? You can; if you are a member of the Facebook group NEC fan for life. The group has more than 1;400 members. Frans shares news about his club; nice to follow!

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