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Team of the Week: ‘Brobbey-Haller will be a battle’ | Football

Team of the Week: ‘Brobbey-Haller will be a battle’ | Football


„RKC goalkeeper Etienne Vassen is under the bar for me;” said the 1978 World Cup-goer. “With a great kick he gave the assist on the 0-1 of Finn Stokkers against Go Ahead Eagles. That’s a goalkeeper’s dream; to give such a ball. He also kept his target clean. Lars Unnerstall of FC Twente receives an honorable mention. He has a look that attackers will struggle with. That also applied to SC Heerenveen’s.”


Marcus Pedersen van Feyenoord is my right back. He is very steadfast; has speed; constantly causes problems for an opponent offensively and closed a lot of holes for other players against Vitesse. Only Justin Bijlow suddenly appeared in front of him at the goal against. I didn’t think it was his fault.”

„I choose the Ajax duo in the center at the back Jurrien Timber in Lisandro Martinez. How they always play it out in the back and also engage offensively; that is really a feast for the eyes. That certainly applies to Timber; when he slides in. They also always play someone in the depth and once the ball goes wide; it is for a good continuation forward. They were the great thing about Ajax; which was enjoyed in the first half against FC Utrecht.–

„The left back is Mauro Junior from PSV. He is so useful there; because he has the experience as an attacking midfielder. As a result; he can always engage well offensively. He is small in stature; but wins a lot of his duels because of his doggedness. That boy is well put together.–


Ryan Gravenberch radiates so much calm at Ajax; he stands his ground both defensively and offensively. They sometimes say something about too few goals or assists; but he really created a threat against FC Utrecht from midfield by playing everything forward left and right. He only looks for the solution forward and that is rare.–

Mario Götze makes the 0-1 in Groningen.

Mario Götze makes the 0-1 in Groningen.

„It is on 10 Mario Gotze from PSV. The man of short passes and prefers to play everything immediately. He brings the creative to PSV and will find the solutions. It is unbelievable what that man can do in the small spaces. And then he scored by appearing well in front of the goal.–

Thomas van den Belt van PEC Zwolle is my left half this week;” said the PSV UEFA Cup winner in 1978. “These were only his first two goals against Willem II; but they were really nice. You saw in both goals that he was really looking for it and that is good for a midfielder who is developing. Those goals were badly needed for PEC in a tough season.–


„The left winger is Dusan Tadic; that’s not that hard after two assists and how he played again. It is unbelievable how he has been so constant at Ajax for years. He is always reachable when he hangs left. The finesse he also has in passing the balls; such as the assist on Brobbey’s first goal; is great to see.

Brian Brobbey breaks away from his opponent Django Warmerdam.

Brian Brobbey breaks away from his opponent Django Warmerdam.

“Rush hour Brian Brobbey is my player of the week after such a return to Ajax. He knows the boys there; but standing there directly in a normally tough away game at Utrecht is still good. He is as strong as a handball player around that sixteen-meter line. You can play him in and then he has already seen the sequel. That is not given many strikers. That will be a big battle with Haller; also because of Brobbey’s mobility. You can send them a message; also in depth. What he showed after six months of absence; shows that things are in good hands as well.–

„I prefer the right side Lois Openda from Vitesse above Antony from Ajax. It’s not his position; but he deserves a place in the team. Openda embarrassed Feyenoord with his labor and unpredictability. You saw that with his winning goal. With his speed he shows up everywhere and he has a feeling for the goal.–

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