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Fortuna Sittard agrees with statement BVOs

Fortuna Sittard agrees with statement BVOs


Fortuna Sittard wholeheartedly agrees with the statement issued by the professional football organizations in the Netherlands.

The professional football clubs want spectators to be allowed again at matches from 28 January. The clubs indicate that they can no longer play without an audience. Last season; the sector suffered a loss of more than 100 million euros; according to the professional football clubs. There is not yet full compensation for the matches that the clubs have to play without an audience. And NOW and other schemes help; but are not sufficient. However; the clubs prefer to keep their own pants up and that is only possible when the stadiums open.

In addition; the clubs have shown that they can organize competitions with the public in a responsible manner: -no infections; and good and thorough checks. Little or nothing is being done about it in The Hague.– They also point out that stadiums in the rest of Europe are fully or partially open to fans.

The professional football clubs also believe that decision-making in political The Hague does not proceed quickly enough. -We can’t wait for that. The demonstrative opening of the stadiums is the inevitable next step. We also owe this to our loyal supporters.–

The clubs will discuss this with the mayor in their municipality.

In the weekend of January 28; only matches in the Kitchen Champion Division are scheduled. Fortuna Sittard will not be in action that weekend.

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