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FC Bayern Munich national player Joshua Kimmich admitted after the 4-0 win over TSG Hoffenheim that he had not yet had a vaccination against Corona and gave his reasons for doing so. This causes heated debates – Freiburg coach Christian Streich and Mainz coach Bo Svensson also noted.

“Everyone in our country is free;” said Streich his team’s 2-0 victory at VfL Wolfsburg: “I want as many people as possible to get vaccinated because I know the consequences of not being vaccinated.”

Prank: “Everyone is free”

When asked whether Kimmich has not yet vaccinated against the virus due to his popularity and role model role; Streich added: “The risk of having a difficult course if you get Covid-19 is four. or five times higher. And that’s why I would of course want the people in public to know about this. But: Everyone is free and that’s basically a good thing. And that’s why you respect this opinion.”

Svensson: ‘There is more to her life than just work’

Mainz coach Svensson struck in the same notch in the “ZDF Sportstudio”. “Everyone has the right to decide for themselves. And even if we as an association recommend vaccination: they are people and there is more to their life than just work;” said the Dane.

Svensson went on to say that he himself knows who has been vaccinated in his team. But he did not trade to professionals who had not been vaccinated. However; at the start of the season; that was a big problem at Mainz 05 due to many corona cases; the coach confirmed. The footballers reflected society; “there is also reason to doubt what is the right thing to do”. You don’t have to share Kimmich’s opinion; “but I think it’s brave and right that footballers dare to express their opinion.”

Bayern professional Kimmich had admitted after the game against Hoffenheim that he had not yet been vaccinated against Corona. “That’s right;” said the native Rottweiler at “Sky.” He has “a few personal concerns; especially about the lack of long-term studies”. The “Bild” had previously reported that Kimmich had not been vaccinated against Covid-19. Nevertheless; he was “conscious of his responsibility” and adhered to hygiene measures; Kimmich now said.

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FC Bayern Munich national player Joshua Kimmich admitted after the 4-0 win over TSG Hoffenheim that he had not yet…

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