Eintracht Frankfurt and FC Augsburg have exposed the Achilles heel of the record champion. Where FC Bayern Munich can hardly be cracked through the middle; the Nagelsmann-Eleven shows weaknesses in attacks from the outside.

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After Defeat against FC Augsburg sitting on the last day of thejournaltimepetition Borussia Dortmund to the FC Bayern Munich Close to the neck in the table – the Bundesliga title fight gets more exciting. And on the 14th match day it’s already the classic one between black and yellow and the record champions on the program. But for that the team from Munich is still against Arminia Bielefeld – The nejournaltimeers will not only have looked closely at FC Augsburg’s victory to decipher how they can beat Bayern.

Eintracht Frankfurt and the FC Augsburg have proved it: Julian Nagelsmann’s team can be beaten – and the recipe for it is not toojournaltimeplicated. Bayern’s Achilles heel is the outdoor track. While the leader of the table can barely be cracked through the middle and can often switch quickly with such attempts; the Bayern defenders don’t get such good access to the flanks; while at the same time opening up new spaces for passes to the middle as the pace increases. is sufficient.

Nice Borussia Monchengladbach showed this weakness in Munich on the first day of play. After winning the ball on the halfway line; immediately followed the pass to the wing and then the pass relay to the scorer Alassane plea in the midst. What the Gladbach team managed to do on the right led to success on the left wing at Eintracht Frankfurt. After winning the ball in a central position; the ball ended up with the goalscorer Filip Kostic left in the penalty area – successfully.

It is therefore not surprising that Fuggerstadt’s team also scored a goal over the wing on the last day of play – twice. While at 1-0 from Mads Pedersen after an attack from the left there was still some luck in the match; the goal of Andre Hahn 2-0 as a blueprint for how to crack Bayern. A cross from the left; an aerial duel won – and the ball landed in the goal.

The Nagelsmann-Elf already conceded six hits after crosses from the current game; only at the bottom of the table SpVgg Greuther Furth conceded more goals in this way. The formula is simple; but still not easy to implement. Arminia Bielefeld and Borussia Dortmund are definitely going to try.

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