– On good days; Branimir Hrgota is arguably the best player of the clover. On Saturday; however; the Fürth captain was almost in tears. The sporting situation gnaws at him – who actually wanted to be leader of his team.

A few months ago; Branimir Hrgota was seen beaming very often. In the summer the captain of the clover was a very happy person; someone who; thanks to the appreciation of his coach; had rediscovered his old strength and led his team to promotion as captain. The 28-year-old also wanted to be a good leader for his team in the Bundesliga – but this role is clearly too big for Hrgota; who seems overwhelmed by the weight of tons on his shoulders.

On Saturday afternoon you could see how great he is in despair. After a brief farewell to the fans; the captain crept off the seat in the north stand; shoulders slumped; and from a distance it looked like he was wiping a tear from his eye. He said shortly afterwards in the press conference room that he had not cried; but the pain was great. “It’s very; very disappointing. Every time we lose it hurts very; very much; especially for me as captain.”

Nevertheless; Hrgota resisted despite an extremely poor start to the season with just one point from eight games against too harsh criticism; which he thought he heard from some questions about the game. “It’s wrong to say we can’t beat anyone;” said Hrgota; who didn’t want to blame himself or his team; which was often very tense against Bochum; at least in terms of stakes. “We are really fighting; we have shown that we absolutely wanted to win. Unfortunately; we failed again.”

The pressure does not diminish as a result – and Saturday afternoon had shown that Hrgota and his colleagues are having a harder time with this pressure. “Football is a very beautiful sport; you can beat anyone;” said the captain. “It is only the eighth day of play; there are still many games where we can take points.”

Doubtful and at a loss

Branimir Hrgota looked very much like his trainer; who would be in the press conference room shortly afterwards. There were slogans for perseverance; the belief that anything is possible in football. “We have to think positively;” Hrgota said. “Today it hurts a lot; tomorrow we will analyze everything we need to do to do better and what went wrong.”

When the captain talked about positive thinking; he seemed the exact opposite. Like a doubting and bewildered man who doesn’t really know what to do anymore. Someone who has lost the joy of sports in recent months. Could he still look forward to football matches? “After a defeat it is very difficult to think about the next game;” Hrgota avoided the question that he would “go home and analyze everything that I and the team can do better;” he said. “We think differently on Monday and Tuesday; because it makes no sense to think about Bochum when Leipzig comes.”

Then he rose from his chair with a sad look. It felt like a relief.

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