FC Bayern: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge draws seal comparison at Leroy Sané – Bundesliga

Day 2 of BILD LIVE; the BILD TV channel. 2nd day with top guests!

Ex-Bayern board member Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (65) is involved in the cult talk -Reif ist live–.

The first TV interview since his retirement!

The big topic: the whistles and malice against Bayern star Leroy Sané.

Rummenigge makes a very interestingjournaltimeparison with his ex-player Arjen Robben; saying: -At first I didn’t like it. I feel sorry for him (Sané; editor’s note). He tries; but has no confidence. He didn’t play good EM. With his transfer fee and salary; the fans’ criticism is slowly emerging…”

He continues: -I remembered 2012 in the stadium. There was the famous Dahoam final with the saddened Arjen Robben. He missed a penalty in the final; including an important penalty against Dortmund.”

Rummenigge: -Arjen was almost ready to ask for his release. But we said; ‘No; we’re not going to do that.’ He was a key player for Bayern Munich. We supported him. Jupp Heynckes built him up as a trainer. He was hugely ambitious. The result: a year later he was the match winner in the Champions League final against Dortmund.”

BILD expert Marcel Reif also says critically about Sané: -He has to go through it; otherwise he won’t get there. If Nagelsmann has a better alternative; he’ll bring someone else. We are one step further in the performance interview. It was time There was a preparation. He didn’t take it out because of the people…”

Rummenigge also talks about..

… the late “bomber of the nation”; Gerd Müller: “I had the opportunity to play with him for five years. He was a wonderful person. I remember my first training in 1974. I was 18 years old and came from Lippstadt very young. Suddenly Gerd Müller stood in front of me. I said: ‘Good morning; Mr. Miller.’ And he says; “Hey boy; I’m Gerd. We are colleagues. Consult me ​​in the future.” And: He had an incredible willingness. He couldn’t lose. If Gerd Müller didn’t win; the training wouldn’t be cancelled.”

… BVB Star Erling Haaland: -I have the feeling BVB will immediately try to outdo the midfield to get Haaland into the game. He is fast; he is physically strong. But I don’t know if that does justice to the tactical and technical game in Dortmund. It is striking: he was taken out of the game against Bayern and Freiburg; then Dortmund has a hard time.”

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo; who apparently wanted to go to the bench yesterday; fueling rumors of change: -The biggest problem will be: who can pay their salary? He earns 70 million gross on normal accounts; 35 million net. Who can do this? Paris? Maybe English Klusb? The development is fundamentally unhealthy. UEFA is being asked to do something about this. At the moment; the costs are increasing again. If this is not done properly; football is going to have a very; very difficult time.”

On Sunday there were already ao Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp and Hertha boss Fredi Bobic guest at BILD LIVE.

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