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That’s why TSG Hoffenheim is so good in the Bundesliga – football

TSG Hoffenheim is the team of the hour in the Bundesliga. The Kraichgauer are undefeated in seven games and are third in the standings. What makes coach Sebastian Hoeneß’s team so strong?

David Raum is proud to wear a new tattoo. After his goal to 3:1 against FC Augsburg Hoffenheim’s national player pulled down the blue jersey and presented the lowercase letters to everyone. Below the neck; the 23-year-old has had an English sentence written under the skin describing his current attitude to life: “Living the Dream” can be read there. live the dream

That’s why TSG Hoffenheim is so good in the Bundesliga – football

Hoffenheim international David Raum and his new tattoo


“Hear the national anthem of the Champions League…”

What applies to Hoffenheim’s shooting star with the fantastic career jump from second division to World Cup candidate can also be applied to the entire TSG Hoffenheim: “Of course hearing the Champions League song is every footballer’s dream;” says David Raum in conversation with SWR Sport; “but it’s too early to dream.”

In any case; the snapshot gives reason to dream in the picturesque Kraichgau. TSG is the team of the moment and unbeaten in seven games; scoring a whopping 17 points and catapulting themselves to third place in the Bundesliga. “The table looks good; we want to keep it that way;” said striker Ihlas Bebou after the three-pointer at home against Augsburg.

Ihlas Bebou in the shape of his life

Ihlas Bebou is one of many factors; why Hoffenheim can dream of football’s premier class. The lightning-fast striker; two goalscorer against FCA; is currently in the shape of his life and is Hoffenheim’s current top scorer with seven goals this season. “You have to be eager for goals;” said the former Duesseldorfer about his brilliant run.

Balance is key when shooting at target

However; TSG is in no way dependent on Bebou’s accuracy. 16 different goalscorers this season show the team’s attacking balance – that’s the best in the league. Even Andrej Kramaric’s shooting crisis (just two goals) is easily compensated. Hoffenheim can vary in attack at any time and therefore can never be calculated. The newly won effectiveness speaks for itself: 38 goals after 18 matches is a good result.

Goalkeeper Baumann as support for the team

The fact that one or the other still gets too many goals in the defense certainly also has to do with the strong offensive orientation of Hoffenheim’s game system. Nevertheless; the defensive network has now stabilized considerably; defense boss Kevin Vogt is playing a great season; just like goalkeeper Oliver Baumann. The interim appointment to the national team gave the former Freiburg player a further performance boost. Oliver Baumann; long the face of Hoffenheim; recently became the Bundesliga penalty killer.

The flanks as a source of power for the Hoffenheim game

TSG Hoffenheim is now also really strong and stable on the flanks; the power source of the solid transition game. On the left; long-term jumper David Raum with his excellent performances; counts next to Vogt the most touches on the ball; even up to the steep career jump in the national team. On the right; former centre-back Kevin Akpoguma was “discovered” by coach Sebastian Hoeneß as a powerful and dangerous winger and given a new purpose. Alternatively; the Czech “locomotive” is ready: the incumbent Pavel Kaderabek; who is currently out of action for several weeks.

Coach Sebastian Hoeneß has settled at TSG

Speaking of coaches; Sebastian Hoeneß; more of a quiet representative of his craft; was not discouraged after a very difficult debut season in Hoffenheim with numerous serious injuries and many corona failures and is now consistently applying his style. The support of Alexander Rosen; the professional football director at TSG; was certainly helpful; as he always protected the much-criticized young coach in his first year and gave him the necessary adjustment period under normal circumstances.

Verbal fantasies aren’t the thing for the coach with the famous family name: “It’s all just a snapshot;” Hoeneß said of the current table photo. But he also knows the potential and possibilities of his ensemble; which is not deterred by a deficit: TSG scored 15 points after being behind this season.

Successful mix of veterans and talents

At least this season; the likeable ex-Munich player is paying back for the loyalty of the club management; leading the diverse and highly talented team to the long-desired consistency and thus to the top group. In the end; the tranquility in the Kraichgau paid off. Coach Hoeneß (“We want to play clear and simple football”) and his exciting team mix of strong footballing veterans (Kramaric; Dabbur; Rudy; Vogt; Grillitsch; also the strong goalkeeper Baumann) and young talents (Raum; Baumgartner; Posch; Richards; Rutter ; Geiger; Stiller) have finally found each other and are fueling the Bundesliga with fast; goal-oriented play.

More full throttle football in Hoffenheim

Where will this end? To say the least with David Raum’s new tattoo “Living the Dream”; in Kraichgau you can keep dreaming of the Champions League and rightly so. But coupled with hard work: “Why do less now?” said defender Raum; “take a step further and keep going full throttle.”

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