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Eintracht Frankfurt: Transfer of Randal Kolo Muani pending

  • Eintracht Frankfurt: Transfer of Randal Kolo Muani pending

    byIngo Durstewitz

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Nantes boss Waldemar Kita is turning against Fifa because Eintracht Frankfurt is said to have signed a provisional contract for next summer with the best striker.

Frankfurt – Franco-Polish entrepreneur Waldemar Kita is what you would call a busy; restless businessman. Born in Szczecin; the son of a Polish army colonel; the football enthusiast made his first millions by making revolutionary lenses for the eyes. He then invested in the thriving business of cosmetic surgery; selling his company in 2006 for 180 million euros and then of the money in a procedure for – penis enlargement. The man; now 68; knows what a man needs and also how to increase his money.

An eccentric man and a flashy bird; Waldemar Kita is also very fond of football; which is why he bought FC Lausanne in 1998 and gave the Vaud countries their last major title; Swiss Cup victory in 1999. When he moved on; in 2001; the club went bankrupt; only two years later. Waldemar Kita tried his luck in France; in 2007 he won FC Nantes for a meager ten million euros. peanuts.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Problems with Nantes boss Waldemar Kita

Since then; the shrewd entrepreneur has worn 21 trainers and has a reputation as Donnerhall. He is not particularly popular; neither in the league nor in Nantes. Six months ago; the fans of the “Canary Islands” started a symbolic funeral for their club; which they derisively call “FC Kita”.

And now Waldemar Kita is pissed too – at the German Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt. The patriarch at the top does not like that the Hessians will probably grab their best player; and that too without giving anything in return; that is; for free. Randal Kolo Muani; the 23-year-old striker; may leave FC Nantes in the summer when his contract expires. Kita had failed to convince the actor to stay and renew the working document in a timely manner for a corresponding surcharge. Annoying. For him.

It’s no secret that if nothing unforeseen happens (which of course you never know in this business) Eintracht will win the race and award the player a five-year contract; Muani has made the verbal promise. The Frankfurters are prepared to pay the attacker; market value twelve million; some sort of signing fee; ie an initial fee of about five million euros. A change now in the winter is not a problem.

Sow and Touré are back

Djibril Zeug and Almamy Touré are allowed to resume training at Frankfurt Eintracht. As a precaution; both pros were removed from the selection for the last game against Borussia Dortmund (2:3) because their corona tests had shown values ​​in the border area. However; recent PCR tests yielded a negative result. Both have gone through the so-called return-to-play protocol and have undergone a sports medical examination; which will allow them to be integrated back into training and playing in Augsburg on Sunday. On Tuesday they did a lactate test with the team; Wednesday it will be back on the field. Danny da Costa and Erik Durm; who tested positive for Covid-19; are still not here.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Signing Kolo Muani would be a coup d’état

For Eintracht; the effort of the quick goalscorer would be a real coup; the Frenchman with Congolese roots is in high demand in the market; AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund; reportedly even Liverpool FC; have the player; seven goals and three assists in 19 games this season on the list. Most vehemently; however; was the Frankfurt competition competitor SC Freiburg courted Muani. De Breisgauer wanted to sign the player immediately and had already agreed a fee with FC Nantes: nine million euros. But then they counted without Muani’s agents; who never dreamed of moving the player to Freiburg – because he was already in the news elsewhere.

Nantes boss Kita has slipped through a nice deal; which is why he is now pulling out all the stops; even turning against FIFA and threatening Eintracht with legal action. There is talk of side agreements; cliques and unfair methods; according to the Kita; Eintracht should have signed a preliminary contract with the player in October. He had already lodged a complaint with FIFA in the summer because the Bundesliga club had negotiated with Muani about FC Nantes. Eintracht acknowledged the protest with a shrug; the whole thing came to nothing and the allegations were not substantiated. Even now; the actions of the French are causing surprise and a head shake; Eintracht does nothing officially about that.

Eintracht Frankfurt: 2.5 million for Smolcic

Just like the free-spirited man himself; who – also common in the industry – said nothing exuberant against AS Monaco on Sunday after the zero number. “I don’t know anything;” Muani told the insistent reporters. “At the end of the season; we’ll talk about how it goes. I’ll leave it all to my family and my agents.”

But the striker is not the only player with whom Eintracht is in deep negotiations. HNK Rijeka’s Croatian centre-back Hrvoje Smolcic is also high on the list. According to reports; the Frankfurters have reached an agreement with the 21-year-old captain of the Eredivisie club. The left foot; contractually tied up in its home country until 2023; should cost 2.5 million euros; and Rijeka could also participate in a resale at 25 to 30 percent. It is also conceivable that the deal will go ahead immediately; but that Eintracht will loan the defender for another six months. Eintracht plans to start with the U-21 international only in the summer.

There will be no major changes in the squad at the moment and the sea is also calm on the fiscal side. This is partly due to the fact that there is no market for many Eintracht players with very well-paid contracts; but also for Corona and the Omikron variant. Because in the course of the rapid spread it is said internally that you have to be very careful not to thin the squad too much to respond to infections and a bigger outbreak: two squad places remained vacant against Dortmund due to a lack of staff . (Ingo Durstewitz)

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