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Borussia’s promises are not only missing a few regular players against Rödinghausen

The Gladbacher’s second representation went into the game against SV Rödinghausen; toned down as a substitute. But at 1:2 there was also a lack of ideas to convert the plus in possession into something that was countable.

After the defeat in the derby against FC Wegberg-Beeck; the promises of Borussia also lost at home to SV Rödinghausen; this time 1:2. However; the personnel situation was extremely tense. Besides substitute Max Brüll; there were only three field players on the bench: Lamin Touray; Mordecai Zuhs and A-Junior Malcom Scheibner. If Torben Müsel had not been allowed to participate; it would have been one less.

But even Müsel couldn’t put his stamp on the game this time. Although Borussia had more possession; they couldn’t get along with the guys who did their defensive duties well. -We have trouble creating chances against such low opponents; that was already the case in Beeck. We definitely have to work on that;” said co-trainer Daniel Felgenhauer; who last replaced his suspended boss Heiko Vogel on the sidelines.

Once before halftime; Borussia showed how to crack the Rödinghausen bolt. Per Lockl played a ball to Phil Beckhoff in the penalty area; who skipped goalkeeper Alexander Sebald; who had stormed out of the goal; after he let his opponent out with a nice body trick (20th). But scenes like the 1-0 win were far too rare; too often VfL tried long balls.

It was bitter; however; that Borussia eventually lost the match by two penalties. The first followed the lead almost immediately. In an ongoing duel; Tom Gaal knocked down his opponent Patrick Kurzen; the protests that the ball had been played and the opponent had been offside did not help. Mirko Schuster converted just as confidently as just before half-time when it was Gaal who this time met Vincent Schaub in the penalty area. There wasn’t even the slightest reason to complain.

To say that Borussia didn’t try after halftime would be unfair. Yet it seemed as if there was more life; more will in the opponent’s team. -Obviously I have to protect the boys. You wanted. But the team is young and you have to learn to get louder on the pitch;” said Felgenhauer. The best chance was a shot by Steffen Meuers from 16 meters (87th); while after the break Jan Olschowsky had to clarify twice in dire need. In the end; the result was not entirely undeserved.

Borussia U23: Olschowsky – Gaal; Lieder; Lofolomo – Kemper; Lockl; Christiansen; Schlosser (83rd Scheibner) – Müsel – Meuer; Beckhoff (70th Touray). tore: 1:0 Beckhoff (20th); 1:1 Schuster (23rd; foul penalty / 23rd); 1:2 Schuster (45th; foul penalty). viewers: 194.

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