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Borussia Dortmund with transfer coup – detail makes clubs stupid

Borussia Dortmund grab the next mega talent – this detail makes other clubs look stupid

Borussia Dortmund with transfer coup – detail makes clubs stupid

These jewels became stars at BVB

These jewels became stars at BVB

Some players became top stars at Borussia Dortmund. We show you which gems have become top players at BVB.

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Once again has Borussia Dortmund captured a boy who could cause a sensation in the future.

It should be Borussia Dortmund a real transfer coup with Filippo Calixte Mane.

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Full of expectations; BVB announced the first transfer of this winter on Monday. With 16-year-old Filippo Calixte Mane from Sampdoria Genoa; the Black and Yellows bring another defensive talent into their own ranks.

Now it appears that the six-foot-tall central defender was still being hunted by other clubs; according to the -Sport1– podcast ‘Die Dortmund Woche’. As a result; Inter Milan; AC Milan and Juventus Turin are said to have shown serious ambitions to sign Mane – but in vain.

Borussia Dortmund gets preference despite bargain

In the tough negotiations; the amount of money often plays a decisive role. “Sports1-According to BVB; the bid was by far the lowest. The black and yellow would have put between 100;000 and 200;000 euros on the table.


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On the other hand; Juve would have even waved a million dollar offer. But to Genoa’s chagrin; Mane decided in consultation with his Dortmund adviser.

The Italian U17 international hopes to have a career at BVB similar to that of Jadon Sancho and Jude Bellingham. Initially; however; it is intended for the U19s. It will probably be a while before he can serve with the pros. (cg)

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