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Securing Route 158 becomes a reality

2021 hindsight

Route 158

© (Photo L’Action – Steven Lafortune)

Securing Route 158 is one of the projects announced by the government.

Several road projects could go ahead by 2023, including the long-awaited security of Route 158 between Saint-Alexis and Joliette, the repair of Chemin Manawan between Saint-Michel-des-Saints and Manawan, and the repair of the bridge. De Route 337 in Rawdon and the reconstruction of the De Montcalm Street Bridge, over the Bayonne River, in Berthierville. In fact, investments worth $ 161,154,000 were announced in April for the next two years to ensure the maintenance and improvement of road infrastructure in the Lanaudière region. This is a higher sum than that announced last year.

A Joliettaine wants to climb the equivalent of Everest by bike

In April, the Joliettaine Emilie Marsolais prepares to scale 8,849 meters, the equivalent of Mount Everest, by bike on the Zwift virtual training platform. I wanted to collect donations for the Center de pediatrie sociale en communautaire de Lanaudière. “If there is a source of motivation that can give me the impetus to climb Everest, it is the cause of the children and I extend a hand to my fellow citizens in the hope that we can demonstrate together that no mountain is insurmountable when it arrives.” to ensure their health and well-being ”, said the athlete.

Expanded closure of the Île Vessot walkway

In early April, the city of Joliette announced that access to the Île Vessot trail via Boulevard de la Base-de-Roc was reopened to citizens wishing to enjoy hiking. However, access to the Vessot Island walkway had to remain closed for a longer period of time due to damage caused by the large ice jam that formed in the area on March 27.

A second women’s flag football team at Cégep de Joliette

The Quebec student sports network (RSEQ) has enabled Cégep à Joliette to improve its offering. We learn that a second women’s flag football team will be established next season. Women’s flag football has seen a sharp rise in popularity in recent years. “In the last few seasons, we had the equivalent of more than two teams coming to the recruiting field. With this addition, we will now be able to offer about 30 players the opportunity to play at TRAD de Joliette ”, underlined the student life advisor, Simon Champagne.

© (Photo courtesy of Claudia Morin-Arbor)

© Photo courtesy of L’Action

The Île Vessot footbridge was flooded.

Women’s flag football is experiencing a sharp rise in popularity. Breaking News 24/7 Copr.