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Sea urchin fishing: bottles authorized under certain conditions

However, according to fishermen, this technique would better preserve the species. In fact, according to Manuel Martínez, sea urchin fisherman, 1st prud’homme and president of small trades in Occitania, “compared to apnea, we have more time to choose the size of the sea urchin and actually collect sea urchins from good size, which allows the resource to recover ”.

To avoid overfishing, this new practice is strictly regulated. There are three times less fishing days. The sea urchins collected are larger and less numerous. And there are 15,000 fewer per year and per fisher. It is not about reproducing the mistakes of the past. In fact, today, the authorities closely follow the fishermen and the evolution of the species. In addition, this exemption, granted for one year, will be reevaluated next year. The end of the fishing season is set for April 15, 2022.

Sea urchin fishing: bottles authorized under certain conditions

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