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European Figure Skating Championships: Aymoz still fragile, Russian trio in the lead

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Kevin Aymoz of France during the short program of the European Figure Skating Championships on January 12 in Tallinn.


Ninth in the 2021 World Cup last March and the only Frenchman in the category, Aymoz (24) placed tenth in the short program, with 80.39 points, after a performance penalized for two faulty quadruple jumps: he finished the first with both hands in hand. the ice, then his rough catch in the second prevented him from validating a generous scoring combination.

Before the free program scheduled for the night of Friday, January 14, he is thus almost twenty points behind the head, occupied by the young Russian Andrei Mozalev (18) who obtained 99.76 points. He beat his compatriots Mark Kondratiuk (99.06) and Evgeni Semenenko (99.04), also 18 years old. The three have achieved two “quad”.

I’m going to skate the free program, it’s pretty cool”, smiles Aymoz, referring to his nightmarish experience two years ago in Graz, Austria, when, a legitimate contender for European gold, he collapsed and was eliminated in the short program (26me).

The skater from Isère still confessed “a little sad” car “In training, from the beginning of the week, I was + clean, clean, clean +, everything was almost perfect.” Plus “I was very stressed”, recognize.

“The past haunted me”

Russian Andrei Mozalev during the short program of the European Figure Skating Championships on January 12 in Tallinn.


“It was very hard, all the past haunted me, my season is also complicated. Aymos explains. It’s only my second real competition of the season, it’s still tough, it’s just the beginning for me.”

It is that the French skater remains for two especially complicated years, deprived for a year and a half of his training base in Florida due to the pandemic -he was only able to join it in October- and paralyzed the summer due to pubalgia. He also suffered from the big toe on his right foot in November.

“Many things have turned me upside down in the last two years, he says. It really did me good to find Silvia (Fontana, his coach) in Florida, but with the injuries, I started the season late. To work “two weeks for two weeks between competitions, that doesn’t make up for the months of training.”

“We are gradually rebuilding what was built in 2019”, when he finished at the foot of the European podium in January, then on that of the prestigious Grand Prix Final in December (3me), behind the two star skaters of the moment, Nathan Chen and Yuzuru Hanyu.

Your goal on Friday, January 14? “Patina + clean +, Aymoz replies. I want to do it right, get everything out at the right time.” The hope of catching up, of getting on the European podium for the first time in his career, however, promises to be very delicate.

The 2020 European champion, the Russian Dmitri Aliev, will not be there.

In pairs, 100% Russian podium also before the free program on Thursday, January 13, with Anastasia Mishina and Aleksandr Galliamov (82.36 pts), ahead of Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov (81.58), and Aleksandra Boikova and Dmitrii Kozlovskii (76, 26).

In 2021, the continental meeting had been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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