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G2 Esports> Fnatic? It’s not us but Twitter that says it!

Photo: LoL Sports

rishi chadha is at the head of the Gaming Associations of Twitter and shared some very interesting numbers on the esports industry. In 2021, the little blue bird ranked the structures that made the most impressions (most Tweets about them). The big winner should surprise many in Europe, as it is all about the Brazilian structure STRONG (Hahaha, Free shot, Valuing…) which is not particularly well known in the West. But this is not the only surprise from the top 10, where we also find G2 Y Fnatic, which are decidedly inseparable.

Brazil in force

indignant STRONG finishing in the top 1, the Brazilian community places two other organizations in the top 10. Brazilians are known to be ardent supporters and we imagine this unwavering support is reflected in many tweets. Pain games occupies the second position and Fury in 6e!

Among the other members of the ranking, there are many global structures that are present everywhere. Clan FaZe (2e), G2 Sports (4th) or liquid equipment (10) have teams in many games and alternate between the European region and the NA region. Therefore, we are not much surprised to find them so well ranked. On the other hand, a great performance by DFM (8th) the Japanese structure, which surely must have blown up its counter during the last League of Legends Worlds.

G2 Sports stronger than Fnatic

To the greatest happiness d’Ocelote, the head of the Samurai, G2 Sports (4th) finishes ahead of Fnatic (5th). The latter welcomed this exhibition despite the fact that his team could not participate in the League of Legends Worlds or the Valorant Champions tournament … Even if the orange and black structure was present during these two events, you must bow … If the structure has been present for many years in many scenarios, it must be recognized that communication in G2 Esports is something! It is demonstrated by the latest music released by the team: “Our Way ‘”.


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