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Beautiful European adventure thanks to a gag between friends


Joyful teammates have brought the Swiss dodgeball team together. They went to laugh, they got caught up in the game.

Beautiful European adventure thanks to a gag between friends

As we can see in this photomontage, the Swiss team does not take itself seriously.

photo: No provider / DR

Finishing eighth in a European dodgeball tournament as a beginner in the discipline is the performance achieved this summer by the Lausanne Foxes. But given the unusual profile of this team of good guys, we should rather speak of a feat! “The adventure began with a gag-challenge in 2014, recalls Benjamin Favre, 25, captain and president of the club. I felt like giving it a try after watching the comedy “Dodgeball.”

From la Broye to Belfast

The Lausanne team won the only tournament in Switzerland of this dodgeball game at La Broye. “Our mixed team of students won without ever having trained once,” he exclaims. Lausanne residents represented Switzerland at the Belfast Euro (GB) in August. “There are championships, leagues there. We got run over, Benjamin Favre acknowledges. It had chilled us a bit. But, we continue because he laughs non-stop and the atmosphere is very pleasant. ”

Visa for Euro 2016 in your pocket

Now the team is working hard for Euro 2016 in Paris. “We see each other three times a month, without taking the lead. You can even come with a hangover ”, jokes the captain. The curious are numerous and the sponsors begin to follow. “The potential is there. In ten years, there may be a real championship here too ”.

The team with the most players eliminated has lost

A fringe sport in Switzerland, dodgeball experienced a worldwide boom thanks to the movie “Dodgeball. Not bad ”by Rawson Marshall. It is inspired by the “prisoners’ ball”, a traditional recreational game. Its basics are pretty simple. Two teams of four to six players compete on a field separated by a center line. To eliminate an opponent, you must hit him with a ball or catch his pitch. In the end, the team with the fewest players on the field lost.

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