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The reference SSD for the PS5 is on sale at a great price on Amazon

Good news The reference SSD for the PS5 is on sale at a great price on Amazon

Not too much debate among connoisseurs, the NVMe WD_BLACK SN850 SSD is one of the best SSDs currently available. Either you want to put it on your PC or your PS5. Super reliable, super fast, built-in heatsink … not much to complain about the quality of the product. Right now, Amazon is offering this Western Digital best seller at a great price!

If you’re looking for an SSD to increase your PS5’s storage, you can’t make better decisions than Western Digital’s SN850. They don’t pay us to say that, I promise. Better yet, it’s not even we who say it, but Mark Cerny – the architect of the PS5 himself! Obviously, what works wonderfully on PS5 will also work perfectly on your desktop or laptop PC with an available M2 port.

Pending the massive arrival of the new PCI Express 5.0 ports, NVMe 4th Gen SSDs continue to represent the top of the line. Western Digital’s SN850 is one of them. It will give an old PC a good boost and dramatically improve your PS5’s storage speeds.

Offered normally at € 169.99 in its 500 GB version and € 299.99 in its 1 TB version, the NVMe SSD WD_BLACK SN850 Heatsink, with integrated heatsink, is now available on Amazon for € 119.99 or 206.99 €.

Buy the SSD SN850 for € 119 on Amazon

Buy the WD_BLACK SN850 1TB NVMe SSD for € 206 at Amazon

More on WD_BLACK SN850 SSD – Why is it one of the best for your PC or PS5?

First, let’s get back to the utility of an NVMe SSD. This storage technology is more compact, less fragile, less heated and above all much faster than an old hard disk. This speed is not negligible. Beyond greatly accelerating the transfer speed of your files, above all it allows you to considerably reduce the loading times of Windows and your games. No more long awkward moments staring at your reflection on your TV or PC screen.

Note that if you put the Western digital SN850 on your PS5, you will have an SSD even faster than the basic SSD present in the console. The one stuck on PlayStation is going at 5500MB / s read. The SN850 goes up to 7000 MB / s (and 5300 MB / s in writing). Other than the Firecuda 530, few models on the market beat it. Happiness never comes alone, it is offered here in its “Heatsink” version, that is to say with an integrated heatsink. So it is completely ready to go for the PS5. You just have to plug it in (if you don’t know how, we’ll explain it to you at the end of the article).

Buy the SSD SN850 for € 119 on Amazon

Buy the WD_BLACK SN850 1TB NVMe SSD for € 206 at Amazon

Everything you need to know about SSDs for PS5

How to increase the storage space of the PS5?

There are two ways to increase your PS5’s storage, using an external hard drive (HDD) or using an SSD to insert into your console. However, only with an internal SSD will you be able to start games.

How to install an internal SSD on the PS5?

To do this, you need a size 1 Phillips screwdriver. After making sure the console is unplugged, lay it down and place it in front of you. Remove the cover and then unscrew it from the SSD expansion slot. Remove the screws, connect the SSD and screw it in. All you have to do is close the cover of the space dedicated to the SSD and replace the outer cover. Plug the console back in and follow the instructions in the PS5 format utility so you can use your new SSD.

What internal SSDs are compatible with the PS5?

Currently, due to very strict rules for integrating an SSD, only a few PCIe 4.0 models can be suitable. With heatsink, we will keep the SSD WD_Black SN850, and then in the category without heatsink, you can count on the Sabrent 2Tb Rocket 4 Plus, the Samsung 980 Pro or the Crucial P5 Plus.

More information about SSD for PS5

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The reference SSD for the PS5 is on sale at a great price on Amazon

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