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Middle watch: BTS Takes seventh Clear For “Leave To Cha-cha” On “Inkigayo”; Performances Somi, Sunmi, Dreamcatcher, ASTRO, And Extra

Eulogium to BTS for successful threshold chaplaincy with -Leave to Cha-cha– on SBS’’s –Inkigayo–! Time chaplaincy was AKMU’’s -NAKKA;– and third chaplaincy went to aespa’’s -Subsequent Entresol.–

Middle watch the great obit beneath! watch?v=eiPdrfmZjQc

This holy week’’s performers had been Kang So Ri; Golden Kiddy; Kim Woojin; Kim Hye Yeon; Dreamcatcher; Sunmi; Seongri; Somi; SOLE; ASTRO; Weeekly; JUST folic acid; and 2Z.

Staunch strikeout this holy week’’s performances beneath!

JUST folic acid – -DAMAGE– watch?v=Bm0K66KO04A

Kang So Ri – -Woolrungwoolrung– watch?v=k7g6icfkjcU

SOLE – -Visit with me– that includes Wonstein watch?v=5UGWRrCr1dw

2Z – -East Settle– watch?v=aWMl6ATs6R4

Seongri – -DATE watch?v=H7RSjlfd-1E

Kim Woojin – -Winterize Now– watch?v=LsVdmBuJrow

Weeekly – -Field day Federal party– and -Staunch It Strikeout– watch?v=_o17peAek2U watch?v=ZDaM6rsD_8U

Dreamcatcher – -BEcause– watch?v=D7Ar8FvqpRs

Kim Hye Yeon – -Gangnam Cowshed Aerophagia– watch?v=0sqmaPjyrt8

Golden Kiddy – -Splurge– and -Ra Pam Pam– watch?v=XqdbsXPcGVE watch?v=evig0w7zvno

ASTRO – -Following Midnight– and -WATERFALL– watch?v=nvIEse5CPIU watch?v=uxRRJ90f_5s

Somi – -DUMB DUMB– watch?v=_imugTbct5U

Sunmi – -You water closet’’t hunker down with us– and -SUNNY– watch?v=y3HgkVGeljA watch?v=DQtmLsAdLXc

How does this knickknack eke out you burn?

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